New Collection Spring-Summer 2022 Mayoral

Spring comes with the desire to make some changes in the little one's wardrobe. You get emotional when you run your hands over the tiny and so beautiful clothes , and when you see your child dressed in them, your heart melts instantly. It's a normal effect, because you love him, because your heart skips a beat every time you realize he's grown a little more.

You startle, you put your hand on the phone or the camera with the thought of immortalizing another moment that you want to capture in the family album so that you have something to admire when your child is already grown up and detaches from your arms and maybe right by your house.


We've thought far away, but we want to call you back to reveal what surprises you can find in the new spring-summer 2022 Mayoral collection for babies. Fill his closet with joys, dress him with style from the first days and months of life. Choose beautiful clothes for him, but also clothes that will keep him nice and warm, that will be comfortable and as delicate as possible with his sensitive and delicate skin.

Sweet dresses for little girls

Even if she is still a small doll, you can dress her in colorful, soft and cheerful clothes. We recommend the red dress with a cute little girl print , the pleated salmon shade dress , the casual model dress with polka dots or the dress with pink roses , from the Mayoral collection for this period.

Red Dress With Print Girl Mayoral 1934

Pleated Salmon Dress Girl Mayoral 1915

How wonderful your little princess will look in this cyclamen dress with broken embroidery or in this comfortable dress with built-in panties and flower print . Mayoral already has a vast experience behind it and is not limited to creating cute clothes for the little ones. What this brand proposes is extremely attractive, worthy of the most inspired fashion trends for children and babies.

Mayoral 1853 Girl's Gray Polka Dot Casual Dress

Dress With Pink Roses For Girls Mayoral 1907

Dress Cyclamen Cotton Embroidery Sparta Girls Mayoral 1911

Mayoral 1869 Girl's Dress With Cordon Coz & Floral Print Panties

Shirts for boys

Not only little girls can be elegant and flirty in comfortable and delicious dresses. For boys, the Mayoral brand has prepared in the spring-summer 2022 collection long-sleeved shirts with floral print , white shirt with navy blue bow tie , blue long-sleeved shirts . They can be worn at formal or less formal events (birthdays, family gatherings, baptisms , Sundays at grandparents' etc.). It is certain that the smallest one will look "like 4 needles".

Blue Flowers Long Sleeve Shirt for Boys Mayoral 3120

Mayoral Boys White Shirt With Navy Blue Bow Tie 1117

Boy's Long Sleeve Blue Shirt Mayoral 1182

Elegant, soft and comfortable T-shirts

T-shirts are very versatile clothing items for little ones. It's as if you never have enough, because small accidents can always happen at the age of babies - he got wet, spilled or fed food on it, you can change it immediately.

Here is a cream t-shirt with a bunny bow , a red t-shirt with a funny crocodile gentleman , a yellow t-shirt model with a bow and a bunny , a navy blue polo t-shirt with fish . For little girls, it's worth seeing the boleros made of frieze knit that can be worn over a low-cut dress or blouse.

Cream t-shirt with bow and bunny for girls Mayoral 105


Yellow t-shirt with bow and bunny for girls Mayoral 105

Mayoral 1106 Boy's Navy Blue Fish Polo T-Shirt

Knitted bolero for girls Mayoral 318
Set of overalls and suits

Overalls are indispensable in the little one's wardrobe , and Mayoral has some extremely beautiful models. See this set of two cream overalls with colorful planets , the set of two beige and blue overalls with cars , the 3-piece suit with dark orange pants, blouse and fez or the 3-piece set for girls, with green blouse, pants and fez with polka dots .

Set of 2 cream overalls with colorful planets Mayoral 1643 boys

Set of 2 cream with beige & blue overalls with cars for boys Mayoral 1630

3 Piece Tracksuit Gray Pants Pink T-Shirt & Blouse With Bears Girls Mayoral 1860

The sets are also wonderful to give as gifts , because they contain two or three pieces of clothing with the same shade or theme. This is, for example, the set for girls with 3 pieces of cardigan, t-shirt and pants or the set with gray pants, pink t-shirt and blouse with teddy bears . These are great ideas if you're going to a christening, looking for a birthday gift, Easter gift, for your best friend who gave birth and you haven't seen her in a while, etc.

3 Piece Set Blouse Pants & Fes Dark Orange With White Mayoral 1597

3 Piece Set Green Blouse With Pants & Fes With Polka Dots Mayoral 1593

Jackets, hoodies, jackets and sweaters

Even in the summer, when you go for a walk with your little one, in the park, in the forest or in the mountains, it is essential to have a thicker coat with you. Depending on the weather and season, you can opt for a hooded jacket (see this reversible model from Mayoral ), a gray knit hoodie with a hood or a striped knit jacket . Children's sweaters from Mayoral are also extremely practical because they are warm, easy to wear, loose, ideal for evenings spent in the park, for spring days, etc.

Fas Jacket ECOFRIENDS Reversible Green Mayoral 1489

Gray Knitted Hoodie With Yellow Hood Mayoral Boys 1356

White Knit Jacket With Navy Blue & Green Stripes Mayoral 1357

Here is what a beautiful collection of clothes for babies Mayoral proposes for spring-summer 2022. It is clear that you can completely dress the baby here, so we are waiting for you in the store to complete his dressing room with the most beautiful and comfortable clothes.