In the first year of the child's life, many parents face the pressure and social expectations to devote themselves entirely to the care and needs of the baby.

One of the most common myths in this period is that if a parent devotes himself completely to the baby , renouncing his own needs and the relationship with his partner, this will automatically ensure a happy relationship with his husband. However, the reality is much more complex and requires a balanced approach.

Don't ignore the husband

While the care and attention given to the baby are essential especially in the first months, ignoring the personal needs and the relationship of the couple can bring tension and discomfort with the partner. It is important to recognize that a healthy and happy relationship requires care and attention to both the baby and the husband.

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Open communication

Another important aspect is open and honest communication in the couple. Sharing feelings, needs and expectations can help avoid resentment and maintain a strong connection throughout this time. It is good to set limits and distribute responsibilities in a balanced way, so that each partner feels supported and appreciated.

Take care of yourself and don't give up on your happiness

Paying attention to personal health and well-being should not be omitted in any way. The complete abandonment of these things in favor of the exclusive care of the baby can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion, which can negatively affect the couple's relationship.

As can be seen, this myth according to which total dedication to the care of the little one will ensure a happy relationship with the partner is false and unrealistic. It is important to find a balance both in caring for the little one, and in fulfilling the personal needs and the relationship of the couple in order to benefit from a happy family.