Traditions and myths about small children start from an early age, and one of the most popular is that they will be quieter and sleep better after baptism. In many cultures, this myth presents the idea that the baby is much more agitated and restless until the moment of the big event.

It is true that the period before the baptism can be full of emotions and stress for the parents, which can indirectly affect the behavior and mood of the new family member.

After baptism he sleeps better

baby sleeps better after baptism

After the baptism, some families may notice an improvement in sleep, but this may be more the result of the relaxation and normalization of the routine after the event, than a direct effect of the baptism itself.

The celebration of the event can bring a change of rhythm and atmosphere in the life of the family, which can indirectly influence the behavior and routine of the little one. Each child has its own needs and a well-established sleep schedule, which can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as age, health, sleeping environment and daily routine.

This myth is more of a popular belief than an absolute reality. It is essential to keep an environment as balanced and normal as possible, without major changes in the child's schedule until the big event, in order not to affect his behavior or sleep routine.