In our society there is a myth deeply rooted in the mentality of many people, which suggests that having a child is a step that should follow after marriage and at a time when the couple's relationship is in a stable state, both financially, as well as emotional. Traditionally, marriage was considered a preliminary stage to forming a family and bringing a child into the world .

child couple myth

A first argument against this myth is that a marriage or a stable relationship does not guarantee an adequate ability to raise a child. There are many examples of married couples who face deep and unresolved conflicts or who are not prepared to face the responsibilities of raising a child.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that there are many reasons for couples to have a child before marriage. Some people want to start a family and share this joy before getting married for financial, cultural or personal reasons. Others consider marriage an outdated tradition or perhaps want to avoid social pressure.

It is important for any person to think at least twice before having a child before marriage or in the absence of a stable family environment, not always being an easy decision for everyone. Open communication, mutual understanding and emotional support are essential aspects that can contribute to the creation of a healthy and safe family environment for the little one .

This myth must be viewed in a broader and more flexible perspective by both couples and relatives. The right time to have a child depends fundamentally on the parents' preparation and desire to provide a loving and stable environment for the child's upbringing, regardless of their status or the state of their relationship.