Orthodox Baptism Articles

Orthodox Baptism Articles

Articles for the sacrament of holy baptism

Baptism is one of the most beautiful events a family can have. Why the whole family? Well, not only the little one is in the center of attention, but all the members because it is a moment of crossroads, a very significant occasion. It is the first step in the long Christian journey that your child will enjoy. And such an important event also requires a tailor-made preparation: with baptism dress or baptism suits for boys, church suit, gift for godparents, baptism suit set and other baptism suit sets.

Starting from the costume and continuing with the candle, the list of necessary items grows with the eyes and as many questions may appear: where can I find all these items? Will I like the models available? How many roads will I do? We have news: these questions are perfectly normal, logical and have only one answer: the website camerabebelusului.ro! Here you can find absolutely everything you need for this event: kit boxes, clothes, baptism set with kit, personalization with the baby's name for Orthodox baptism, baptism candle.

Christening clothes for boys

Let's start with the most important thing, namely the child's outfit (which is as important as the baptism candle)! If it's a boy, you'll find many variants of baptism costumes (matched with baptism candles), depending on the nature of the event. You will see that we have casual, light costumes, which can be worn daily, not only on special occasions, but also elegant, ceremonial outfits, special for events of this type. The good news is that you can also wear them on future occasions, anniversaries and important holidays, not just at baptisms, so it's a worthwhile investment!

Christening set for girls and christening boys with love from nasi

For girls' Christian baptism, we have dresses for all refined tastes! With almost 100 models for the sacrament of holy baptism, it will be impossible not to find something you like! The colors are so beautiful, from white to pink, cream to models with floral prints or polka dots. The materials are equally delicate, ranging from lace, velvet, satin and tulle. Also, in whatever season the event takes place, you will definitely find something suitable because we have both thinner dresses, made of airy materials, as well as thick suits to protect the little princess. Discover the offers at candles, baptism sets, baptism candles, church christening kit with love from nasi, candle and themed kit.

At the same time, on our website you can also find the accessories you need for you or your little child. For example, the candles, so necessary for this event, can be found in different models and with many accessories. Teddy bears, bows and beads accessorize them perfectly, and the beautiful colors will attract many eyes at the baptism!

Baptism kits for boys and premium kits for girls

Chests are other fashionable accessories, they have a very practical character. Parents usually buy it to carry everything needed on the big day more easily. And after this event, the chest remains for the parents as a memory. Order from us baptism candles, baptism suits, photo frames and personalized baptism kits.

The things you can buy are various and necessary for this event. The christening kit is a good choice because it contains everything you need: towels, bottle and cloth for myrrh, but also the christening candle.

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