Emotions, emotions and more emotions

Currently, preparing the baby's room can be a challenge for parents. Loaded with emotion, with thousands of thoughts and questions, wait for the birth of your child. You will go through a carousel of moods, intense experiences, moments that you will keep imprinted in your mind for a long time. You will have the hardest job, but also the most beautiful, the job of a parent, where no one can teach you exactly what and how to do, where there will be no transition.

Whose soul will you give life to? To a boy or a girl?

The gender of your baby will also influence the arrangement of the room for the little angel that will appear in your life. If you have already found out the sex, you are already modeling in your mind what the chick's room would look like. Boy or girl, your child will be proud of his parents and everything you offer him: from the resources necessary for a life to the arrangement of the room, think carefully about what you offer him. You have arranged all the things that had to be done, leaving the baby's room on the back burner.

wicker basket

What color should we give the walls? But what color should the parquet be?

These are questions that run and run in your mind. In the following, we will help you with some ideas for arranging the baby's room.

I have always considered white a suitable color for any room. Although it seems like a lifeless shade, you can add more color to the room with the things that the baby needs and more.

Essential items in the baby's room

Without but and maybe, you know what would be the things without which the baby could not live in a room. Here you will find a basket model in which the little one will rest, being suitable up to approximately 6 months or until the baby will sit up. On the website you will find basket models that will surprise you with their uniqueness, but also with the multitude of models you can choose from. You will not only find baskets, but also cots , both for girls and boys. If you are not a fan of pink and blue, you can go for a neutral color, white or beige. You will have an advantage if you take a cot with wheels, in this way you can move it at will, without much effort.

baby cot

What else is good to add besides the crib?

Besides the cot, a useful object would be a wardrobe with drawers, cabinet as you will see on the website. The cabinet can serve as the baby's dressing room, but also for placing hygiene items (shower gel, oil, ear sticks, etc.). This is a 2 in 1 model, where you can also swaddle the baby. You will also find separate tables for diapers.

Nani, nani, baby

For the baby's well-being, we recommend a musical carousel , where the bears will spin to a musical rhythm, so the baby's attention will be captured, and he will calm down if he has a more agitated period. And for the carousel you will discover several models from which you can choose. Personally, we love teddy bears and decorative objects in the baby's room , we are certainly not the only ones. It's hard not to like all these wonderful things that beautify any baby's room. If we are still on the subject of bears, there are also musical bears on the site, which are not part of a carousel.


It's done?

We can say that you have chosen the most important things for the baby's arrival home. You have mostly covered the necessary things, you also have a choice of other accessories and decorations that you consider to be useful in the baby's room. Regardless of what you choose, your baby will be more than delighted. We guarantee!