If the baby sweats a lot, the first thing we should clarify is that it is usually something normal and natural. In most cases, the situations in which the child sweats a lot, occur after the stages of sleep and feeding. Normally, sweating is associated with the sudden increase in temperature and with the body's ability to try to regulate it.

Thus, if the body sweats a lot, this occurs because the baby has to regulate its body temperature. Going into details, sweating occurs when sweat glands produce moisture to regulate body temperature. Remember that they are spread throughout the body, but in certain areas they are more present. For example, in the head, armpits or legs. Then, when there is an increase in temperature, the body produces moisture to regulate it.


Causes of sweating in babies

The truth is that questions related to our child's sweating usually arise from concern if this could be a problem. There are a number of frequent situations in which the child's sweating can appear. If we analyze the most frequent moments, we find 6 occasions when the baby sweats. In all of these, there is a determining factor, which can cause an increase or an excess of sweating, so let's see them.


The baby sweats a lot on the head

Sweating on the head is usually associated with the fact that this is the way to eliminate excess temperature. Many times, the baby is warm and covered in most of the body, so the head is the way to increase the regulation of sweating.

The baby sweats a lot on his feet

The feet are one of the parts of the body with a concentration of sweat glands and also related to circulation. In this sense, the lower limbs are twice as likely to be an area where the baby sweats a lot.

The baby sweats a lot in the back

In the belly and especially in the back, there are places where the highest temperature occurs. The increase in temperature is more significant in this area of ​​the body, and the back allows sweat to reduce heat. In addition, it is usually a part that comes into direct contact with the baby's clothing, and depending on the materials from which the clothing is made, more sweating can occur.


The baby sweats when he eats

This special case is usually caused by feeding processes. On the one hand, because of the increased activity of the child. And on the other hand, by changing the temperature between the baby and the ingested food. Feeding the baby "activates" and it is easy for the baby to start sweating more.

The baby sweats a lot at night

Sums up most of the points above. Their physical activity and the importance of clothes that allow good ventilation are factors that determine the baby's sweating. It is good to choose materials such as organic cotton, which is the best choice to prevent sweating.

Therefore, it is important to emphasize the importance of choosing the right clothes for the baby. Most of the time, parents dress babies with way too many clothes, but good materials help a lot. In this sense, we must take into account the fact that many of the products that are part of the child's life contain fabrics that are not friendly to the sensitive skin of babies, for example, polystyrene.


But, if you want to avoid excessive sweating, you can act preventively. We mean taking care of our child with products made from materials specially designed to take care of their skin and avoid the use of materials that increase sweating.

When the body goes from the active state that babies have when they are not sleeping, to the so-called "recovery" state that occurs in sleep and clearly and quickly reduces the baby's activity, so that a lot of energy that the baby has , is no longer necessary.

Finally, babies do not regulate their body temperature well, it is harder for them to adapt to extreme temperature changes, so it is common for them to sweat more, both awake and asleep. However, keep in mind that this increase in sweating occurs within minutes of falling asleep and usually disappears in less than an hour.

Choose quality materials that are friendly to the baby's skin

Of course, we have to take into account the fact that more than 70% of the body is water and it is very important that the baby is well hydrated. Considering this, the solution to the baby's sweating is not so much related to him, but to the textile fabrics that are in contact with him. Therefore, organic or high quality cotton is usually an excellent choice to keep your baby from sweating too much. He will feel comfortable, at the same time.

As we have seen, if the child sweats excessively, most cases are a consequence of the material with which he is in contact. From baby clothes to the surfaces with which babies are in daily contact, in particular, those plastic structures and fabrics covered with polystyrene, present in most products. Its high-quality and organic fabrics help a restful sleep and a better journey .

Cotton bed linen

They take care of both the baby's sweating and comfort, offering the child a more restful sleep. In addition, cotton is a safe material for babies, which is especially good for their sensitive skin.

The mattress that allows good air circulation

Nowadays, it is good to choose the mattress for the baby's crib from materials that allow ventilation, so necessary in order not to favor the occurrence of perspiration. Thus, we can choose mattresses with coconut fiber, over which there is a cotton cover for the cot .

It is important to note that this combination (coconut fiber and cotton) represents an excellent option for removing bacteria that can accumulate in the mattress fabrics.

Sleep is vital for everyone, especially babies. In order to offer increased comfort and implicitly a proper rest, it is essential that the clothes are made of quality fabrics (especially cotton), and the cot and mattress allow the baby good ventilation. Through small but important things, we can significantly reduce the appearance of sweating during the night.