Maria Montessori's philosophy of encouraging creativity and independence goes beyond the classroom. According to his words, it is important for a baby to have a space commensurate with its stature, with things close at hand, even from an early age. This is where the wonderful idea of ​​setting up a montessori bedroom starts.


Montessori bedroom features for children and babies

Often, parents tend to design and arrange the child's room from their point of view, but the Montessori approach proposes that parents look from the child's perspective. For this, a brilliant idea is to sit at floor level and look at what is around you. What do you see from there? You will quickly discover what your little child actually sees.

children's montessori bench

If we are talking about a Montessori bedroom for children, under no circumstances should you hire an interior designer or be a Montessori expert. Instead, simplicity is the key. All you have to do is keep in mind a few basic tips to create a bedroom that inspires exploration, independence and rest, while being safe and comfortable at the same time.

Lighting and colors in the Montessori bedroom

The Montessori-style bedroom is generally neutral in color, painted in white or natural tones. These shades stimulate feelings of peace and calm, which allows the baby to be attracted to toys, photos or paintings. The lighting must be warm, with minimal brightness. Opaque drapes help create a comfortable environment, ideal for rest.

Montessori baby crib

The Montessori crib

The crib is the central element in a baby's bedroom. Montessori-style cots are close to the floor, allowing freedom of movement, independence and mobility. For the safety of babies under 6 months, the crib must not have beds, pillows, or stuffed animals.

Diaper changing area

Choose a white chest of drawers, with drawers close at hand, which will allow you to reach the items you need, without taking your hand off the baby. To keep the baby occupied, place a safe mirror, a toy or a carousel with teddy bears nearby.


As the child grows, you should think about the furniture for his stature, so that the little one can reach it easily. For example, you can think of hangers within reach of the child for hanging jackets. You can also create a care area, with a wall mirror at the height of the child (which does not break), along with a hair brush and some napkins. Your little one will be able to use this area to blow his nose and comb his hair.

The play area in the Montessori bedroom

If space allows, place a soft carpet in the child's room, next to a low shelf with space for toys and books. In the case of newborns, hang some attractive toys and family photos for them to notice. When the baby starts to walk, put 4-6 books and a basket with age-appropriate toys within reach. It is recommended to rotate these toys and books every 7-14 days.


Montessori bedroom for newborns

Babies and nursing mothers need a comfortable area, so you can think of a comfortable armchair and a side table. When the child grows up and can draw, you can replace the breastfeeding area with a table and chairs for children, a rocking chair or a reading armchair for children.

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