Spring is a magical season, especially when you experience it in the presence of a baby . The weather is starting to warm up, the flowers are starting to bloom and everyone around you is smiling. When the weather gets warmer, it means that you can take your chicken out for a walk so that it can enjoy the much-needed fresh air and sunlight.

However, spring weather can be quite unpredictable - it's hot now, it's cold in 5 minutes. That's why it's important to dress your baby in suitable clothes that allow him to stay comfortable even when the temperatures are constantly changing.

To do this, we have compiled here several tips that can help you dress your newborn as best as possible in the spring months, when you go out for a walk with him.

Layers, layers and more layers

An important thing to keep in mind is that temperatures can fluctuate strongly throughout the day. Spring mornings tend to be cool and breezy, while afternoons can instantly become very hot.

To avoid excessive or insufficient clothing of the newborn , adequate layering is essential. Start thinking about the outfit with a thin body that sticks well and comfortably to the baby's delicate skin.

Then, add a pair of baby pants, a long-sleeved shirt and maybe even a thick jumpsuit if the weather is cold, close to February. Then, as the temperatures warm up, you can gradually give up one layer at a time so that the little one feels good - neither cold, nor sweaty.

Keep baby clothing accessories with you

When the temperature drops so much that it becomes uncomfortable, it is essential to cover the baby from head to toe. That's why we recommend that you have a pair of comfortable gloves to protect your hands (if you don't have a pair of suitable gloves, for small babies you can even use a pair of clean socks to cover and warm your hands). On your feet, choose a pair of warm baby booties or booties.

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Oh... and don't forget to cover the baby's head. If the weather is cold, choose a thicker hat for the little one. If it's hot, you can opt for a thinner hat or a cap.

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You should also have a blanket handy. A baby blanket is versatile and can have various uses. In the spring, a blanket can be used to cover your little one's car seat, and this is a much better alternative than dressing the newborn in bulky clothes when driving.

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A baby blanket can also be used as extra warmth and protection during outdoor walks. Simply wrap the baby with a blanket if it's cold or take it off if the temperatures start to rise.

It is important to pay attention to the temperatures

Babies can overheat quickly when the outside temperature rises, so you should keep an eye on how the temperatures change.

For example, if you see that your little one is hot to the touch or starts to sweat, it means that he is too hot. In the same way, if his face turns red, he might be hot.

It is best to dress the baby with an extra layer than what you are wearing to feel comfortable.

Therefore, if you wear a t-shirt, then the baby should have a t-shirt and a light sweater. When you return from your walk, don't forget to take off the layers of clothes, depending on how you need it (even if it means waking up the little one).

His feet should be warm

Baby bodies are essential clothing items in the newborn's wardrobe, but not all of them can cover the baby's small legs. What can you do?

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Use a pair of organic cotton pants with a sock or a bodysuit with a sock. To get an outfit full of warmth and style, dress the little one with a pair of solid pants over a bodysuit with a playful design (something cheerful). Of course, you can wear it with an additional pair of socks.

Spring clothes collection for babies

One of the best things about spring is that bright colors and cheerful patterns are back in trend. From pretty pastels to floral prints and garden motifs, spring is a great time for new parents to choose stylish, chic outfits for their little one.

If you are ready to start spring shopping for your little one, we are waiting for you in our store to discover many special offers .