TOP 3 wardrobes for babies

When we think of furniture for babies, we first think of the crib, changing table and dresser. However, when arranging the baby's room, you should not forget the wardrobe for the little one's clothes and things. A beautiful wardrobe will complement the baby's room wonderfully and will help you easily find what you need to dress him when you go to the park, on a visit, to the doctor, etc.

Also, the wardrobe is an extremely versatile piece of baby furniture and will be able to be used for many years, even when the baby grows. Thus, you could make him responsible early on to take care that his things remain in order and at hand.

Here are the 3 most beautiful wardrobes for babies that you can buy from us. Many of them are part of complete collections, which means that they have the same style with certain cots and chests of drawers, and this will help you arrange the room in a unified way, if you so wish.

White Bubu baby wardrobe with bows, Italian Design, Erbesi, Italy

White Bubu baby wardrobe with bows

One of the most beautiful and practical wardrobe models for babies is this one. Made in white, with two doors that open laterally, the wardrobe has a generous interior, specially created for the baby's clothes. In the upper part there is a bar for placing the clothes on the hanger, and in the lower part there are two shelves for other things (beds, maternity bag, blanket, duvet, etc.).

Its special and classic design makes it a great choice for parents who want to furnish the baby's room in a modern, minimal and very elegant style. It will easily fit in with the rest of the children's decor. It is white and does not crowd the eye, on the contrary it helps to create a warm, welcoming, innocent space.

It is made of the best quality materials and safe for newborns. Its dimensions are 100x 55x177 cm.

Baby wardrobe 2 doors and drawer Dolce, Italian Design, Erbesi, Italy

Baby wardrobe 2 doors and drawer Dolce

The same white, elegant style, specially designed for the children's room. But this time, the cabinet has a slightly different design, with a heart cut out in the upper part. The closing-opening system is very simple and is done through two doors that are pulled sideways. This wardrobe is part of the Erbesi collection and works perfectly together with the cots and dressers with the changing table made of the same white material.

It is provided with a bar for hangers, as well as with a resistant and generous drawer that can fit several clothes and baby accessories. In this way, you will have them easily at hand when you have to get ready to go to town with the baby or simply when you want to change him.

Baby wardrobe 2 doors and Dolce 2 drawer

Its solid construction and versatile design make this wardrobe a long-term choice, even when the child grows up. Its dimensions are 100x55x177 cm and it is worth emphasizing that it is finished with non-toxic natural varnishes, for the maximum safety of babies. Its hinges are adjustable, and the integrated damper makes the doors open slowly and smoothly, without disturbing your baby's sleep.

Baby wardrobe Nido Basic White, Erbesi Children's Room Furniture, Italy

Baby wardrobe Nido Basic White, Erbesi Children's Room Furniture, Italy

With a special and elegant design, this white baby cabinet is an inspired choice for the little one's room. It amazingly combines traditional elements with some modern details. It is versatile and will easily fit into the decor intended for a newborn's room. In fact, the wardrobe is part of a larger collection that includes a cot and a chest of drawers in the same minimal style.

The wardrobe has two drawers with generous space and an upper bar for hangers. The shelf is adjustable in height, which will allow you to easily adjust it depending on what you want to store on it. This wardrobe specially designed and made for small children has a safe and solid construction made of chipboard and is an exceptional solution for organizing clothes and accessories. Also, the cabinet is finished with natural water-based lacquers, without chemicals.

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