Getting everything ready for a newborn's room can be an overwhelming task. Because there are so many items for newborn babies, it can be difficult to figure out what is important and what is optional.

What you choose depends largely on personal preferences, but there are some essential things that should not be missing from the configuration of a newborn room. These essentials can be of real help in your new role as a parent and will inspire you to add additional elements that will match your parenting style.

10 Essentials for a newborn's room

1. Baby cot

The central piece in the baby's room is the crib, whether you opt for a convertible model, a canopy or a standard crib. Regardless of preferences, the little one's crib should be safe and durable, made of quality materials. It is a good idea to buy a crib that changes as your baby grows.

2. Baby cot mattress

Just like the baby's crib, the quality of the mattress is essential when designing a room for a newborn. Choose a comfortable baby mattress that fits perfectly with the chosen crib. The newest cot mattresses that you can find in our stock are composed of memory foam, coconut and buckwheat, foam, aloe vera. If you want the cot and the mattress to be from the same story and if you want to save time when placing an order, we recommend you opt for a complete package baby cot plus mattress (some packages even include a bed protection set with several pieces - bed quilt, quilt cover, pillow cover, bed protectors).

3. Baby bedding

Bedding is not only a necessity for the comfort of the small child; they can also have an interactive role for decoration. Thus, you can choose from a variety of bed linens, bed sheets, protective sides, special pillows, blankets, etc. Apart from arranging the crib, you can also opt for a sleeping bag, a comfortable solution for many babies.

4. Changing table

In the first year of life, you will change a lot of diapers. If at the beginning you will have some emotions regarding this task, along the way you will become an expert and you will be able to change the baby faster, more firmly and safely. However, it is a very good idea to have a changing table from the very beginning. These tables have different configurations, some being provided with drawers or compartments for organizing diapers and other items that you need to have at hand (ointments, wet wipes, betadine, etc.). Most of the changing tables are accompanied by comfortable mattresses on which you can place the baby safely.

5. Baskets for storage (wicker chests)

These floor baskets, placed next to the bed, are much more than a cute decoration - they are effective solutions for storing extras, toys, clean diapers, extra linen, etc. Just place them in strategic places - where you need them most.

6. Chest of drawers for the baby's room

Newborn babies need to be changed several times a day, so a chest of drawers is a more than necessary piece of furniture in the little one's room. Chests of drawers for infants should have at least 3 drawers and compartments for socks, bodysuits and other small items.

7. Musical carousel

Carousels are often overlooked in the arrangement of a newborn room. But, they are special because they help to calm the small child, to induce sleep, to attract attention when he wakes up. Most of the carousels are provided with soothing songs and moving figurines. There are models with mirrors, lights and soothing natural sounds.

8. Ergonomic pillow

Although standard pillows are not recommended for newborns (for safety reasons), the Lovenest ergonomic pillows are an effective solution against plagioencephaly. These pillows with a hole in the middle and an innovative shape are specially designed to allow a correct development of the shape of the baby's head. The tilt of the pillow allows the pressure to be distributed over the entire surface of the baby's skull, thus preventing the occurrence of flat head syndrome, which affects many babies.

This pillow can be used even from 0 months, it is made of soft cotton, extremely comfortable and prevents overheating and sweating.

9. Night light

You will make many nocturnal visits to your baby's room and crib. That is why it is critical to place a night light with warm, pleasant light in his room. Instead of turning on the bright light bulb in the middle of the night, you can use a night light that can guide you in feeding and changing the baby. Thus, the minimal and calming lighting will not be a stressful element for the small child. He will easily fall asleep in place, and the nights will be more pleasant and restful both for him and for you.

10. Cloth diapers

The diaper is a multifunctional product that can be used for changing, as protection for the bed, as a blanket or as a nursing mat. Our diapers are made of 100% cotton, have comfortable sizes and come in different colors and designs. Even if you will need disposable diapers to change the newborn, these textile diapers will be of real help.

Essential conclusion for the baby's room

These are the 10 essentials that should not be missing from your baby's room. Put them together and it will be easier to set up a functional and very well organized baby's room; a space where you can always find anything you need, a warm space of connection between you and your baby, free of stress, chaos or unnecessary things.