Baby Boom Show, the largest fair for expectant mothers and children between zero and seven years old

The beginning of this year is marked by important events for future parents, considering that the spring edition of the Baby Boom Show Fair will take place in March. Both for mothers-to-be and for children between the ages of zero and seven, the Baby Boom Show is actually a reason for joy for the whole family, bringing for over 10 years special offers, contests with prizes, but above all bringing together in the same place the most important exhibitors in the field, ready to offer special discounts during the fair.

The Baby Boom Show brings to the interested public the largest variety of products and services in one place, at the beginning of spring, every year. Thus, we could say that the Baby Boom Show represents the perfect opportunity to meet again as parents or future parents, children, exhibitors or simple visitors. In addition to the special events planned throughout the duration of this event, thematic courses will also be organized within the Baby Boom Show, but special discounts will also be offered when purchasing products.

The Baby Room, present at the Baby Boom Show

And this spring, the Baby Room will be present from September 8 to 11 at Romexpo, in Pavilion B1. This year's edition of the Baby Boom Show promises to be a sensation, both through the quality of the exhibited products, their variety, but especially through the discounts offered.

At this edition of the Baby Boom Show, Camera Bebelusului will be present with an extremely rich and varied offer of products, promotions, and news. Extremely appreciated by parents, but also future parents, the promotions offered at the Baby Room fair can reach up to 70% discount on Andy & Helen, Erbesi, Azzurra products. In addition, at this year's edition of the Baby Boom Show, Camera Bebelusului will present the latest trends and news in terms of furnishing the child's room.

The Baby Room offers discounts valid at the Baby Boom fair

* The special discounts will only be valid during the fair between September 8 - 11, 2022.

In this year's edition of the Baby Boom Show, Camera Bebelusului will present the newest products made of bamboo - the organic bamboo bed sheet Little Bamboo, but also the cotton and bamboo diapers Baby Ono Bamboo, the new furniture collections with WIFI and night light.

Why choose bamboo products for the baby's room?

The Little Bamboo product range comes from Australia and represents the latest trend in eco-friendly care products. In other words, all the products that are part of this range are the result of a long period of research, in order to obtain the best products, both in terms of composition and the way in which these products behave in relation to the skin sensitivity of the baby. Ideal for both babies and children, bamboo sheets offer several additional advantages compared to cotton - they are much silkier to the touch, which ensures increased comfort, they have a much higher water absorption capacity, they allow the skin to breathe , they have an antibacterial effect, but they are also extremely warm in winter and cool in summer.

Diapers made from a mixture of cotton and bamboo are extremely soft to the touch, have antibacterial, hypoallergenic properties, with a particularly attractive design, being at the same time multifunctional, ideal for use both at home and during walks.

The biggest discounts on furniture can only be found in the Baby Room

During the Baby Boom Show fair, Camera Bebelusului will offer a series of special discounts on furniture packages, but also on its own website at www. Among the products with the biggest discount offered, we can mention the Mirtillo collection 5-piece baby furniture package, which benefits from a 39% discount, as well as the 6-piece Moon package and the 6-piece Bubu baby furniture set. Depending on the size of your baby's room, you can choose furniture packages of 5 or 6 pieces offered at a discount in the Baby Room.

Regardless of whether you choose the Bubu collection, an elegant set full of style and refinement decorated with a teddy bear with a bow, the Milky, Mirtillo or Charly, Timmy, Nido collection, in the Baby Room you will definitely find the pieces of furniture that fit perfectly in the little one's room . The furniture in the Baby Room is made of solid beech wood, finished with a special non-toxic water-based paint. The bed mattress meets the strictest quality standards, having anti-allergic, anti-suffocation, anti-mite properties, being firm enough to properly support the child's spine during sleep, but also when he is playing.

The collections available at a discount in the Baby Room are Moon, Bubu, Mirtillo, Ninna, Dado

You can choose packages of 3, 4, 5 or 6+ pieces, depending on your needs, but also on the space available for furnishing.

The Moon cot is the star of this beginning of the year. Made of solid beech wood, decorated with non-toxic water-based paint, the Moon crib will ensure the safest and most peaceful nights for the little one. It is provided with an adjustable mattress in two positions, for the age group 0 - 6 months and 6 months - 5 years, the cot is suitable for both babies and children. Equipped with a spacious drawer, the Moon cot offers additional storage solutions, but at the same time it can be easily moved around the room, being provided with wheels included in the package. Being perfectly safe, the baby will always wake up ready to play, ready to explore a whole world. The cot is made in Italy, in accordance with European standards and can be purchased either separately or as one of the packages available in the Baby Room of 3, 4, 5 or 6 pieces.

The Moon cot made of beech wood has a plexiglass panel with a led strip at the base that illuminates the edges and decorations in 8 colors: white, yellow, orange, red, purple, light blue, blue, green and are inspired by the principles of chromotherapy, with different types of lights, by fixed or automatic rotation. The cot has a WiFi system controllable by smartphone and connectable to home automation control systems.

The Moon Wifi cot for babies is made in Italy from solid beech wood and is finished with special water-based paint, non-toxic for children. All the corners of the bed components that the child can come into contact with are rounded to avoid injuries. The mattress base is solid and adjustable in two positions (0-6 months & 6 months-5 years), and the sides are easily sliding from the outside, with the possibility of detaching one of them to turn it into a sofa, and the spacious drawer is ideal for storing bed linen.

See the Moon Collection here -> Click here.

We are waiting for you at the Baby Boom Show to enjoy wonderful moments and create together, a magical universe for the little ones!