Creating a safe environment for your baby to sleep can be a daunting task, because there are so many options for appropriate clothing for your little one and so much advice. However, sleeping bags can be one of the most effective choices for a simpler sleep, because they eliminate some risks regarding safety and inappropriate temperature.

What is a baby sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag is a special accessory for small children, created to offer them a safer, more familiar and more comfortable sleeping environment, with an adequate and constant temperature. The bag replaces the need to swaddle the baby during the night, leaving the hands and the upper part of the body free. This sleep accessory has become extremely popular in recent years, and many parents declare that their babies have an uninterrupted and much more restful sleep in the sleeping bag.


Why is the sleeping bag recommended for babies?

The little ones love to move and wriggle, even during sleep. A sleeping bag keeps the child's feet at a suitable temperature, without him waking up because the blanket has slipped to one side. In addition, the upper opening at the base of the neck and the possibility to keep the hands free prevents the little one from sliding inside.

Sleeping bags offer a familiar sleeping environment for your little one. It will be easier to establish a sleep routine for him, because he will associate the sleeping bag with the time of sleep. In addition, some sleeping bags have multiple functions, being able to be used as a blanket, pillow or soft surface for the play area.

Choosing the best sleeping bag for a baby or small child can make the difference between a precarious and too often interrupted sleep, respectively a restful, long-lasting sleep. sleeping-bag-puccio-pink-nanan

Do you have to wake up often to change the little one? Give up this habit that affects your sleep and use a comfortable sleeping bag for it. Unlike quilts, sheets or blankets that can represent a suffocation hazard for the little one, the sleeping bag leaves the upper part free - the face and hands. At the same time, the baby's body will remain warm and comfortable.

How many sleeping bags do you need?

We recommend you invest in one or two sleeping bags. If you have two sleeping bags, this will help you in the cold season, when washing and drying take longer.

Baby sleeping bag benefits:

Are you debating whether or not to invest in a sleeping bag for your little one? Here are some extraordinary advantages of using a sleeping bag for ages 0-6 months.

  • The baby feels comforted. He is nice and warm, and you don't need extra bedding for him.
  • The baby will have the right temperature throughout the night. Because he won't push the blanket with his legs, he won't remain uncovered and he won't wake up from the cold.
  • A sleeping bag reduces the baby's waking episodes. Having a constant and warm temperature throughout the night, the risk of the baby waking up from the cold is greatly reduced.
  • The baby sleeps safely. There are no sheets or beds for them to crumple when they move and which could pose a suffocation threat. The sleeping bag helps you create a safer and more comfortable sleeping environment for the baby.
  • With a sleeping bag, you eliminate the risk of the baby getting stuck and blocking its legs in the bars of the crib.
  • A sleeping bag is a positive association with sleep, so the transition from babynest/basket to cot will be less daunting for the baby, because the sleeping conditions will remain the same.
  • Complete your bedtime routine with a comfortable sleeping bag. You can hug the baby and then put him in his crib, which will make his sleep routine more pleasant.
  • Create a positive sleep association - the baby will quickly develop a sleep association with the sleeping bag, which means that every time you put him in the sleeping bag, this will be a strong indication that it is time for sleep.
  • A sleeping bag is a safe and familiar sleeping environment, and this is useful when you go on vacation or sleep in a hotel with your little one. Because the baby will have the sleeping bag with him, his sleep routine will not be affected.
  • The sleeping bag helps the little one to sleep even outside, in a pram or pram. It will be easier to transfer him to the crib to continue his sleep.
  • It is very easy to use and does not contain parts or components that could pose a choking hazard or danger to the little one. The grip is loose and you can place the baby in the bag even when he is sleeping, without waking him up.
  • It is light and compact. Rolled up, it takes up little space in your luggage when traveling or visiting relatives.

sleeping bag for babies 6 months

Is it okay to use swaddling clothes to wrap the baby?

For centuries, parents have been using blankets and quilts to wrap their babies, and sleeping bags are a modern, recently discovered accessory. In fact, there is nothing wrong with using baby blankets, but it is recommended to pay attention to this to eliminate the risk of suffocation in small babies. In the first months of life, it is recommended not to use blankets and quilts as much as possible, the sleeping bag being a much more practical, safe and comfortable alternative.


What is the best temperature for the baby's room?

Health professionals recommend that the temperature in the baby's room be between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius; ideally 18 degrees Celsius. The sleeping bags are designed in such a way that they can be used for this temperature range. However, if the room is colder or warmer, simply adjust the baby's clothing. To maintain a constant temperature during the winter, you can use a thermostat in his room.

What to do if the baby is too cold or too warm in the sleeping bag?

If the baby wakes up because he is cold, adjust the temperature in the room or change him into warmer clothes. If he is too warm, remove a layer of clothes and dress him more lightly before placing him in the sleeping bag.

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