Are you preparing the room for the arrival of the baby? Buy the most useful products from Baby Expo

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An event of real interest for new parents and loving grandparents, BabyExpo manages to surprise everyone present, as every year, through diversity, educational playgrounds and through a special promotion campaign.

Those interested are certainly eager to see this year's many surprises that the companies involved have prepared, so between September 27 and 29, 2019, the fair's gates are wide open for pregnant women, parents with children, relatives, friends and colleagues .

Baby Expo, Edition 53 Toamna, of continuous presence on the market brought together hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of participating brands and hundreds of related events. Regardless of whether we are talking about seminars, contests, raffles, concerts, super offers or special packages offered for future parents, Baby Expo translates into joy for the whole family. And because we want to be with parents and children on their magical journey, is also participating in the event this autumn, offering parents the chance to benefit from products of exceptional quality, at attractive prices, through the variety of offers specials available.

The main attraction is the fact that you can get important discounts on items that are so necessary before and after the arrival of the child.

Ninna co-sleeping cot, the newest product to be launched at Baby Expo with a special price!

The newest product offered by Camera Bebelușului will be presented during this autumn's edition of Baby Expo. The crib is part of the Erbesi collection, a traditional Italian brand with a rich history of over 50 years in the field of manufacturing furniture for babies and children. Erbesi pieces of furniture are created, as the producers say, "For today's children, tomorrow's VIPs". They reproduce the charm of childhood in each piece created, offering moments of indulgence to the little ones.

The Ninna co-sleeping cot is the ideal choice for new parents, but it can also be an inspired choice when considering a gift for dear friends or family members. Regardless of the collection it belongs to, each crib in the Baby's Room meets the most special qualities, being made of solid beech wood, extremely resistant but also ergonomic. Because a restful sleep is the basic condition for a correct growth and development for the little ones, Camera Bebelușului launches this new product, thought and created to satisfy the most demanding tastes, both in terms of design and quality.

Great quality, great design

The Ninna co-sleeping cot has a mattress and linen included and is extremely easy to assemble, thanks to the 4 swivel wheels it is equipped with. For added safety, the Ninna cot is equipped with wheel locks. The wheels are made of quality plastic material and rubber, able to provide safety but also comfort when the crib is moved from one room to another. To be as easy as possible to assemble and fit the adult bed, the Ninna co-sleeping cot has adjustable legs, which can be adjusted to 5 height positions. The side of the cot is removable, which means that this cot can be used both independently and attached to the adult bed.

The newest product offered by Camera Bebeluşului is a stable and safe crib, regardless of whether we choose to attach it to the parents' bed or not. Made of high-quality beech wood and benefiting from exceptional finishes, with special water-based, non-toxic varnishes, the Ninna co-sleeping cot represents the maximum level of safety that a piece of furniture for babies can offer. It is recommended for the age group between 0-8 months, being a piece of furniture that will allow the little one to sleep peacefully with his mother, in conditions of maximum safety and comfort.

The co-sleeping cot, equipped with an anti-reflux mechanism

In addition, the cot is equipped with a special anti-reflux mechanism. This feature allows the crib to be tilted to one side, thanks to the assembly of the legs in two positions, thus offering the possibility to ensure a correct position of the spine and the child's head. Using this type of crib eliminates the hiccup effect caused by agitation, providing all the conditions for a peaceful sleep, both for babies and for parents. The package includes the Ninna co-sleeper crib, mattress, quilt, pillow, pillowcase, bed protectors and can be purchased at the promotional price of only 1089 lei, only during the event.

The Erbesi baby and children's furniture collections are the ideal choice for sophisticated mothers who put the quality of the products first. And because it benefits from an exceptional design, the co-sleeping cot is part of the range of products intended for refined families, interested in offering the smallest members of the family a good start in life, but also the best conditions for growth and harmonious development.

Special offers and discounts offered by Camera Bebelușului

During the Baby Expo event, Camera Bebelușului offers new parents and their families a varied range of discounted products. Thus, the Nanan collections (linen package, quilt and bed protector) benefit from a 20% discount during the Baby Expo autumn edition, as well as the Andy and Helen package (bed set + linen).

BabyExpo2019 Baby Room Autumn Offers Children Baby Furniture Autumn 2019 discounts

The Nanan collection for children and babies comes to complete the offer of furniture items in the Baby's Room, and to bring more color and cheerfulness. Baby bed sets from Nanan are made in Italy, in accordance with European standards in the field and offer the advantage of using high quality materials. The duvet cover and pillow cover are made of 100% cotton.

Nanan BabyExpo Room Accessories Autumn Baby Discounts

Considering the fact that babies' skin is particularly sensitive, covers made of cotton offer the advantage of letting the skin breathe, while being particularly delicate. For added strength, cotton has been combined with polyester, the fabric thus retaining its shape over time. In order to ensure optimal ventilation, but also to allow air to penetrate inside the bed, all these parts have an ideal thickness, and at the same time can be easily cleaned in the washing machine, at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius. You can create a perfect, soft and slightly fluffy atmosphere by choosing crib sets available in unique color combinations. For an added touch of elegance, you have the cot sets decorated with teddy bears or embroidery.

Andy and Helen Bed Set and Linen Package

BabyExpo Baby Fair Fall 2019 Annebe's baby room

The Andy and Helen bed set and linen package is 20% off during the event. In addition, those who purchase this package will also enjoy a special gift from the Baby Room. The price of this set starts from 429 RON. In addition, during the entire period of the exhibition, Camera Bebelușului offers a 25% discount on the Nanan linen, quilts and protectors package, which has prices starting from 1069 RON.

As every time in recent years, Camera Bebelușului is present at Baby Expo with special offers, new product launches and discounts for future or new parents. We are waiting for you with us, in the magical universe of the Baby's Room!

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