The new Nanan world represents the world of babies accompanied by love and friends, surrounded by the constant care of Puccio, Tato, Bombo and Fiocco, their first little friends, with the help of which the babies learn to interact.

The Nanan world is made up of four collections - Puccio, Tato, Bombo, Paci and Fiocco.

Nanan, the most loved accessories for babies

The Puccio blue and pink Nanan collection for children and the baby's room is made up of teddy bears, baby armchairs, baby carriages, photo frames with bears, lamps for the baby's room, wicker baskets of different sizes, as well as quality playgrounds superior, ideal for arrangements full of taste and refinement.

The Tato collection is the favorite choice of mothers and babies, including both interactive toys for children and babies, but also different gift ideas or accessories for the baby's room. The Tato bear, the one that gives the collection its name, is considered to be the sweetest companion of babies, but also the most reliable friend of children.

Nanan Puccio swings for babies and children. Regardless of whether you want to choose a rocking chair for your baby or your child, the Puccio collection offers you the most suitable options. The baby swing can be used starting with the first month of the baby's life. The swing is provided with an additional pillow in the head area, which will ensure an increased degree of comfort for your baby. In addition, it has two adjustable positions, easy to set according to needs. In order to provide maximum safety for your baby, the rocking chair is equipped with a belt in no less than three points, made of soft and delicate but also non-allergenic material. And so that your child does not get bored in the swing, it has a bar with 3 extra toys, ready to become the best friends of the little one.

But if you want such a rocking chair for your child and not just for babies, you should know that it is made of natural materials, wood and cotton and is available in two colors, pink and blue, depending on the preferences of the little ones . The extra Nanan Puccio children's swing is the ideal play partner for your child, which can further contribute to its development, by stimulating the visual and tactile senses but also through physical exercises, practicing balance and fine motor skills.

The Puccio Stars Blue woven bassinet is also part of the baby collection. The bassinet can be used for newborns up to 6 months old, or until the child can sit up on its own. Particularly attractive in design, using quality materials, the bassinet is dressed in luxurious 100% cotton fabric. Specially designed to ensure increased mobility, the pram is provided with two handles, which make it easy to transport. No pram is complete without a set of linens. Regardless of the underwear you choose, you must know that it is made of the best quality materials, in chic combinations, decorated with delicate embroideries, in pastel colors, capable of creating an atmosphere of calm and warmth.

The Puccio collection also includes the playground for children and babies in the form of a soft and fluffy mattress, an ideal place for fun activities for the little ones. The mattress is made in the shape of a teddy bear, adding extra guidance and joy to the playground. The material used to make this playground is represented by a padded soft top, which allows the children to carry out their activities safely, and brings an increased degree of comfort to the parents. In addition, the bear's head is designed in such a way that it can be used as a pillow. Play or sleep partner, the Nanan bear always accompanies the little one, in one way or another.

To decorate the baby's room, Nanan imagined different pieces of furniture as well as accessories for storage, linens and towels, bibs and lamps, all personalized with teddy bears or cute animals, thus quickly becoming favorites of both children and parents. Puccio armchairs are designed both as spaces for relaxation and for entertainment. Made of extra quality manufactured in Italy, the armchairs quickly become children's best friends.

The Paci and Fiocco collection includes furniture accessories, care products, linens and many other useful and necessary items for the baby's room. Because an organized space greatly influences the calmness so necessary for both parents and children, it is necessary to resort to different storage or organization solutions. Fiocco bleu cot accessories are extremely suitable to ensure easy access to the most frequently used objects. Easy to mount on the walls or directly on the cot, if it is provided with wooden bars, the organizer made in Italy will allow you to use each of its pockets to store toys or hygiene items, clothing accessories or diapers, always ready to be used.

As storage solutions, the Tato and Puccio collection offers baskets of larger or smaller sizes, depending on your needs. The baskets for accessories are woven by hand and are made of 100% wicker and cotton. The Puccio bear is not missing, tastefully decorating the basket in which toys or other accessories will be stored. However, if we need a larger storage solution, the Tato collection will provide you with large wicker baskets , painted with non-toxic water-based paint, with much more generous dimensions, able to provide shelter for toys when they are not in use, but also an addition of order to the baby's room.

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