When it comes to the birth of a child, we often hear expressions like "the most beautiful gift", "a blessing" or "the greatest miracle". But how much of this is myth and how much is reality?

We decided to start a new series of articles about myths to see how true or not they are. Today we will talk about how the arrival of a baby can change our lives for the better. We will try to answer the question: is it true that a child can bring happiness and fulfillment in our lives or is this just an illusion?

The arrival of the child will change our lives for the better

It is very possible that a child can change our life for the better

This event can bring a lot of joy and fulfillment to a couple's life. In addition, the responsibility of having a child can help us develop and mature. Sure, there will be challenges and sacrifices in raising a child, but the long-term benefits are priceless.

After we become parents, we must be prepared to dedicate a large part of our time and energy to the growth and development of our child. This can be a real challenge, but it is also an opportunity to improve our communication, time management and problem solving skills.

Why can the arrival of a child change our lives for the better?

Here are some of the reasons why this event can bring an improvement in the life of a couple who has a child.

  • Joy and happiness - The arrival of a child can bring a lot of joy and happiness into our lives, because children are often a source of positive energy and enthusiasm.
  • Developing parenting skills - Taking care of a child can be challenging, but this can help us develop parenting skills, such as communication and time management skills.
  • Improving relationships - Children can strengthen the relationship between partners by spending time together and by sharing the same experiences.
  • Long-term benefits - We are referring here to the improvement of mental and physical health, the development of parental skills and the improvement of interpersonal relationships.

The arrival of a child can be a major change in our lives, but one that can bring a lot of happiness, fulfillment and personal development.

Why the birth of a child could change our life for the worse

Most of the time, the birth of a child can be a wonderful and joyful experience for parents and grandparents. However, there may also be the possibility that the arrival of a child will change our lives not exactly as we would have expected. And here are some examples.

  • Financial stress - Caring for a child can be expensive and can lead to financial stress, especially if the parents are not financially prepared to take care of a child. We can think of the things needed to furnish the baby's room , from the crib to clothes and diapers.
  • Change of routine and lifestyle - The arrival of a child can be a major change in the routine of a woman and a couple. It can upset the lifestyle of the two partners, because caring for and giving attention to a child requires time and energy .
  • Sleep problems and fatigue - Caring for a baby can mean sleepless nights and constant fatigue (especially in the first months of the baby's life). This can negatively affect the health and mood of the parents, especially if the two do not have help from grandparents or a nanny.
  • Problems in relationships - The arrival of a child can put pressure on the relationship between partners, because the new life requires a new dynamic and a division of responsibilities.

Because the birth of a child can be a special experience, but if it involves certain challenges, it is important to be prepared for these changes and to seek help when you feel you need it.

Is the arrival of the first child different from the arrival of a child when you have other children?

Sure. The arrival of the first child is different from the arrival of a child when you have other children in the family. With the first child, parents are usually more stressed, more caring. The first child is generally in the center and receives all the attention of the parents.

But when another child comes into the family, the parents have to adapt to a new family dynamic, in which they have to share their attention and time between all the children. Older children may be jealous of the new baby and may need more attention and care to adapt to family changes. Also, parents may need to find new ways to organize themselves and deal with multiple children, including in terms of sharing responsibilities.

However, the arrival of a second or third child can also be a wonderful experience for the whole family, as children can learn to spend time together and help each other. Maybe it is not for nothing that they say that those children who are alone with their parents are more selfish. But this is already another myth that we will address in a future article in this column.

Soon, father!