A new myth that has emerged among mothers is that if the baby does not hear the parent's voice, it will start crying, which is completely false.

The relationship between parents and child is very important, because it is the basis for the development of communication and emotional development of the child.

No one remembers why he cried as a baby, but if a child cries because he can no longer hear his parents, it cannot be considered the most optimal thing. There are many factors that can create discomfort for the child.

Needs and discomfort

We may be surprised that the reason why our child cries is quite simple: the food may not be to his liking, his digestion may be affected due to a certain food (possibly an intolerance) or the need for hydration may be increased . There is also the physical discomfort: maybe the diaper you use does not let the skin breathe properly or the clothes are not made of a pleasant material.

New activities

If the above is not the cause, perhaps something new could pique the child's interest, such as a new toy that makes different sounds. Whether it is electronic or made of different materials with different designs, this could be the new attraction for the child.

Nonverbal communication

There are many factors that can cause discomfort. Although young children cannot speak, they develop a set of gestures and expressions characteristic of them, which can help us identify the cause of their discomfort.