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We are happy to announce that we have included the Nattou brand in our portfolio of toys for babies, a brand that enjoys international fame and appreciation from many parents and children.

Nattou plush toys are soft friends and reliable companions for your baby. They are ideal for accompanying the baby while he explores the world, when he goes to sleep, but also at other times of his daily growth routine, especially in the first months of life. Nattou toys give your little one the confidence, safety and comfort he needs in the first essential stages of his growth and development.

About the Nattou brand

Nattou toys plus babies

Nattou designers are specialists in children's development and do not make random choices. This is one of the reasons why toys are so loved by children and parents. Nattou designers know how to respond to the demands of the little ones and the concerns of the big ones. The fabrics and materials are carefully chosen each time to be as soft, safe and durable as possible. Each Nattou creation ticks the joy and excitement that your baby will experience.

The drawings are colorful, cheerful and captivating, according to the suggestions of recent studies in the field. Thus, they manage to capture and maintain the baby's interest.

From a historical point of view, Nattou started designing and manufacturing children's toys since 1988. Nattou materials are soft and durable, so they easily create a delightful and safe environment for your little one. They meet the highest quality and safety standards. Moreover, one of Nattou's objectives is: quality - safety - softness.

Nattou makes every effort to ensure that your baby can play comfortably and happily. Each toy's design, fabric selection, cutting, sewing, even finishing and packaging are meticulously checked to meet high safety standards. In this way, Nattou can guarantee a safe hug for your baby and peace of mind for you.

Which Nattou brand products will you find in

nattou small children's toys

- plush toys: teddy bears, octopus, bee, puppy, bunny,

- Nattou meter, to monitor the growth and development of the baby; order ----- HERE

- night lights for children: mouse and kitty

- musical toys and guitars

- teething toys; order ----- HERE

- rocking chairs with plus

- spiral toys with hangers for the play area or for the stroller

- sleeping bags, Lapidou collection

- playgrounds with extras; order ---- HERE

Nattou swings - a wonderful gift for small children

Nattou offers a wide range of soft toys, from plush toys, to musical toys, play mats, carousels and even swings.

rocking chair plus

The rocker or rocking chair is very loved by parents and children. It is one of the star products of the Nattou fir tree. The swing is an excellent toy for any small child and in addition helps to develop motor skills, stimulate leg strength and improve balance. In addition, it provides an amazing base for children's creative and imaginative games.

The high-quality swing has a body made of soft and well-made fabric with a wide base and a low center of gravity, which makes it sturdy. In addition, many models have a safety belt and booster seat. It is usually suitable for ages 10 - 36 months. Nattou rockers are available in many colors and collections, both for boys and girls. They are a wonderful gift for any child.

Order the Nattou rocking chair --- HERE

How to take care of Nattou toys?

beautiful toys for babies

Before giving any toy to your child, we recommend washing it, even if it is new. To protect the plush during washing, you can place the toy in a pillowcase. It will be better protected. Always follow the specific washing instructions indicated on each label of the toy. With minimal but proper care, your baby can enjoy his favorite toys for a long time.

Remember that musical toys should only be washed by hand, only on the surface. In general, the indications on Nattou labels are these:

  • they can be washed in the washing machine, at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius
  • Do not bleach
  • do not step on the toys
  • do not use chemical products
  • do not dry the toys in the dryer
  • musical toys can only be cleaned manually and only on the surface.