What should you have in your bag as a new mother?

With the birth of the child, a mother's bag becomes bigger and bigger every time she has to go out, go to the doctor, go shopping or when she walks with the baby.

Besides the fact that during this period a connection is created between the little one and the one who gave him life, the baby has a series of special needs that make him dependent on his mother (for example, when he needs to be breastfed).

for a walk with the baby

And it is perfectly normal for the mother to carry out her usual activities around it, a comprehensive bag with all kinds of things suitable for both being really necessary.

Thus, every caring mother makes sure that the strict essentials for her and the baby are not missing from her bag, sometimes even a little more, whether we are talking about an outing of a few minutes or an outing that could last for several hours on end.

If you have become a mother for the first time or if you are about to become a parent, we are firmly convinced that you will be interested in discovering what is the basic necessity for the moments when you have to leave the house with your little one.

When is it advisable to go out with the baby?

Even if from a religious point of view it is considered not good to take the child out before baptism or to subject him to contact with different people, doctors especially encourage that the little one be taken out, gradually, so that he can get used to the environment and at the same time create immunity. The first outing is recommended to be done after approximately 10-15 days after birth, this becoming a habit for the newborn.

However, there may also be those situations where the baby's health comes first and it is necessary to go with him to the doctor. Any mother forgets all the rules handed down from the elders or the spiritual ones, especially when the doctor cannot come home in time, going to the doctor is often the solution that can save her life. Or for that matter, there may be situations in which you have to move in order to solve a series of urgent matters.

Therefore, our recommendation is to take into account the advice of the doctor who can tell you when it is best to take your child out, but do not be shy to go out with your little one in emergency situations, preparing your child accordingly, depending on the weather.

What should not be missing from your bag when you take your baby for a walk or to the doctor?

maternity bags for new mothers

Beyond the personal things that your bag will contain, the things addressed to the hygiene and safety of the baby will also be essential at this point.

We can't talk about a necessity without mentioning the need for a multifunctional bag that allows you to store all related things, in as large a number as possible and as organized as possible.

The usual bag that you used to carry traditionally, before becoming a mother, could be much too compact, so you can replace it with a nice and flirty model such as the maternity bags from Camera Bebelusului, which you will wear for a long time from now on. They are practical and extremely spacious, and their chic design makes them the perfect accessory for a modern mother.

Thus, not only are these maternity bags an investment for the future, but they will also be the first option that you can use with confidence when you walk with your child or go to the doctor, but also as he gets older.

baby doctor bag

Passing this aspect, we can also talk about the necessary that it must contain or the reason why you are here today.

Without further ado, here is what you should not miss from your bag:

  • Some change of clothes (bodysuit, cap or hat, etc.), for the moments when the baby gets dirty by mistake, possibly a thick coat for capricious days. For baby clothes click HERE

  • A blanket to replace the existing one or to use it in the case of sudden climate changes, even a towel, respectively a feeding baby (if needed); For blankets click HERE

  • 2-3 diapers depending on the estimated duration of the trip;

  • Hygiene products: dry and wet wipes, diaper cream, talcum powder, spray against insects and/or to reduce stings, possibly a no-rinse solution for cleaning and disinfecting hands;

  • The pacifier and the baby bottle, being the ideal placement of the baby bottle in a thermal bag to keep the milk warm for as long as possible, possibly food jars and a spoon for babies or small casseroles with preparations suitable for the baby, when he is older ;

teething toys maternity bag

  • The child's favorite toy that is indispensable or perhaps a thermal toy that can help him when he faces discomfort (for example, a thermal toy that relieves tummy aches when colic occurs). For baby toys click HERE

Of course, in addition to all these things, you can supplement the essentials in the bag with any other things you consider relevant and of real help, for you or your little one, when you travel with the little one.

And if you want to prepare your bag with all its necessities and items of the best quality, durable, useful and/or pleasant to the baby's skin and delicate needs, we remind you that at Camera Bebelusului you will find maternity bags, items cotton and organic cotton clothing, cute and playful beds for home or on the go, sets for daily use, etc.