Did you know that the air in a newly decorated room can contain over 300 toxic substances?

Follow the infographic below to see what other dangers are hiding in your baby's room:

Did you know that the air in a newly decorated room can contain over 300 toxic chemicals? Parents take different measures every day to protect their little one, but what about the risk factors that we don't see? Are you wondering what hidden dangers exist in your baby's room? In the images above, we have identified the existing problems that many of us do not see, and we have come up with simple solutions to combat them.

Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic substance that is found in the composition of the wood from which various furniture items are manufactured.
SOLUTION: Choose cots and pieces of hardwood furniture, finished with water-based paints, and which meet safety standards.

72% of mattresses and pillows for children are made using toxic antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, etc. materials.
SOLUTION: Choose mattresses and pillows made of natural, non-toxic materials.

Ordinary paint can eliminate toxic elements in the air for 3 years after the initial finish.
SOLUTION: Choose non-toxic, solvent-free paints.

70% of foam-based products for children contain flammable and toxic materials.
SOLUTION: Choose washable cotton or natural wool products.

In 2009, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetic Products found 1,4-dioxane, a substance associated with cancer, in 67% of the products tested. 82% of the tested products contained formaldehyde.
SOLUTION: Look for organic products, which contain natural substances, or try to make your own cosmetics at home!

The PVC used in many children's products can contain toxic additives, such as: phthalate, cadmium or even lead.
SOLUTION: Choose PVC-free products for your child, or inform yourself carefully before purchasing a new toy.

It is so simple to create a healthier home for your loved ones. Our advice is to start with a few small, simple things, and when they become a habit, add a few more, and so on. No parent can know or do them all, but by informing ourselves, we can take better care of ourselves and the little ones around us. At Camera Bebelusului, we will always be ready to offer you the services and information you need to ensure a safe environment for your child. Visit us in the store, or on www.camerabebelusului.ro, and let us make sure that your little one gets the quality he deserves.

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