The baptism kit. List for nasi

The most important baptism accessory is represented by the baptism kit. The purchase of the christening kit is the responsibility of the godmother, who from this moment on takes on the role of spiritual parent of the little one and carefully chooses each item that will be part of the kit. In choosing the most suitable accessories, the godmother/godfathers must take into account Christian traditions and customs, but also the preferences of the parents.

Any kit must contain certain basic elements, namely - a larger towel, preferably with a hood, a cloth for the bridegroom, a veil for the bridegroom, a bottle for oil, but also a towel and soap for the priest. Each accessory used takes on a certain meaning, marking moments with a special emotional charge. It would be preferable to determine from the beginning the color of the accessories, but also whether each accessory will be customized or not. Personalization can be done with the name of the little Christian, the date of the happy event, but also with different symbols, adapted to the occasion.

Cloth for the bridegroom

To receive the child at baptism, the godmother must have a cloth for the bridegroom, which is an unstitched, unfinished or embroidered white cloth, which symbolizes the purity of the soul. According to tradition, this canvas does not have to be finished because it refers to the beginnings of the Christian life, much simpler, but not necessarily carefree. In addition, a sash for the bridegroom will also be needed. According to popular tradition, the veil for the bridegroom must be exactly the right length. If this is too short, the baby will marry much too early, otherwise he will marry very late.

Baby towel

The baby's towel must be large enough so that it can be used to wipe the baby after it is removed from the baptismal font. Most of the time, towels with hoods are preferred, extremely useful for wiping the baby's head. The christening towel can be personalized and decorated with different accessories.

As a general rule, considering that babies' skin is particularly delicate, choose materials that are pleasant to the touch and do not irritate or scratch. As much as possible, natural materials, well tolerated by the skin, will be chosen.

The baby's kit must also contain a small towel and soap for the priest. Usually, they will be white in color and will be used by the priest before the actual baptism of the child.

The baby's kit can also contain clothes, a hat, boots or any other items of clothing necessary for the baby.

The kit box

Because we know that every detail matters, you can choose from an extremely varied range of kits, which are carefully packed in beautifully decorated and personalized boxes. Do not overlook the way to pack the kit.

The choice of christening clothes should not be done lightly considering that most parents decide to keep these clothes as a memory, along with the first lock of hair, the first toy or the candle from the christening. In addition, the baby will be the center of attention of the guests, so many pictures will be taken of it that will remain in your memory and that of the other participants in the event. Years from now, you will want to be proud of this day and the preparations made when you show it to your child for the first time.

Baptism candle

In the Orthodox Church, baptism is considered holy enlightenment. Therefore, the candle used in baptism signifies the light transmitted to the newborn, who has now become a Christian. This accessory is usually decorated similar to the other objects that are part of the baby's kit, both in terms of the materials used and the color. The choice and purchase of the baptismal candle is also the responsibility of the priests. It can be decorated with different motifs, with crucifixes or flowers, toys or laces and ribbons. The ribbon will be white, which can be used for both girls and boys, pink or red only for girls or blue for boys. In addition, the baptism candle can be personalized with the name of the little one, the date of the event or various symbols.

New clothes for babies

After baptism, the child will be dressed in new clothes. Most of the time, the white color is preferred for both girls and boys. All clothing items must be white, starting from the body to the dress or costume chosen for the little Christian. When choosing the christening outfit, it would be good to take into account the materials used, so that they can also be found in the materials used to decorate the christening candle. The best thing would be for the baby kit to be purchased together with the special christening outfit. Through baptism, the baby is reborn so that the clothes he receives after the sacrament of baptism have a special meaning. Parents have the role of properly preparing the baby for the Christian life, being renewed both spiritually and materially.

We will always prefer outfits made of good quality, natural materials. For dresses and suits, you can choose from a wide variety of materials that can be combined to create an amazing effect and an outfit worthy of a prince or princess.

To complete the outfit of the little one, you can include in the kit a decorative accessory for a cap, booties or hats. But don't forget that they must match the outfit.

Oil and wine for the church

The priests will bring oil to the church to be sanctified but also wine. The oil is used for anointing and the wine for communion. Anointing with myrrh is part of the mystery of myrrh in the Orthodox tradition. Immediately after the baby has been baptized, it is anointed with myrrh on the forehead, eyes, nostrils, mouth, ears, chest, back, hands and feet. This oil brought to the church by the priests must be of very good quality because it will only be consecrated on Maundy Thursday. Through myrrh the baby receives the Holy Spirit. Myrrh has been used since ancient times, as a symbol of abundance and can be offered packaged in bottles, beautifully decorated with flowers or ribbons, matching the little one's kit.

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