When we choose the linen from the little one's crib, the most important thing is to consider the material from which it is made. Since your baby's skin is very delicate and sensitive, artificial fiber bedding should be avoided at all costs.

The linen material for the baby's crib
The main material from which the linens for the baby's crib are made is 100% natural cotton, which is affordable, easy to maintain and friendly to the little one's skin, being also hypoallergenic. There is also the organic alternative, in which the fabrics are organic, they bring a bonus by allowing the baby's skin to breathe, and they do not contain synthetic chemicals that could cause allergies.

We do not recommend purchasing a bed linen made of synthetic materials, as these irritate the baby's skin, causing (besides discomfort) dermatological problems.

Bed linen with or without patterns?
When you want to buy linen for your baby's bed, and it also has a pattern on it, you must check if it has been woven correctly - something that can be noticed very easily: the linen must have the pattern sewn both on the outside , as well as on the inside. It is important to avoid bed linens with printed patterns, because they can irritate or scratch the sensitive skin of the little one.

Baby cot bed linen cotton for boys
The mattress in the baby's crib
Although buying the right mattress can seem like a tedious task, it is important to make a good choice, given that the crib is the place where the baby will spend more than half of the day (newborns sleep up to 16 hours a day ). It is recommended to buy the mattress together with the crib, to be sure that it fits perfectly.

Thus, there are two types of mattresses for little ones' cribs:

1. Foam mattresses
This type of mattress ensures a healthy position during sleep, properly supporting the baby's spine for a harmonious development. They are lighter than ordinary spring mattresses, and the foam material inside ensures that they keep their shape for a long time.

2. Coconut, buckwheat, or aloe vera mattresses
Mattresses made of natural compounds are the latest recommendation of medical specialists, they offer the safety of an organic base for the baby's crib. Having a firm composition, they keep their shape and structure over time. Due to the placement of the cocoon inside, this type of mattress permanently transfers air to the external environment, preventing bacteria from multiplying.

How do we maintain the objects in the baby's crib?
In the case of bed linen, it is ideal that it be washed regularly, separately from mommy and daddy's clothes, and that the mattress be aired once a week (for example, when you go out with the baby for a walk), to change the air inside.

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