Baptism is one of the most important events in everyday life, but also an occasion that cannot be postponed. And it's best when things have their own order, and the child is baptized 40 days after birth.

Beyond the traditions and experiences shared by the people, from one generation to another, the faster the baptism is carried out, the easier it can be for those who organize it, but also for the little one. Even in terms of fashion, and in terms of choosing suitable clothing items, in tune with the event.

Baby costume Cezar AnneBebe

And because along this path there are obviously a number of costs, especially these days when we are learning to be more thoughtful with the budget, today we come to your aid with a guide on the baptism of boys and how to prepare the child for him.

How much does a suit for boys cost?

The outfit for the gala will always have a higher price than the everyday one, and the cut, the precious materials, the way they take care of the baby's skin, etc. they will also influence the purchase costs.

And for a boy, the best choice is a suit . In addition to the previously mentioned criteria, the price is also influenced by the number of pieces, but at you will find suits for any type of budget, with prices between 120-810 lei.

The premium variants include the child's kit and a christening candle, essential and, moreover, much more expensive accessories. So, in addition to the fact that you can provide him with the right clothes, you can also have accessories to match his clothes.

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Full Suits - Yes or No?

Many parents and grandparents wonder what is the best choice for a baby's christening - individual pieces or a complete suit?

And this aspect often has costs in the center of attention. In many cases, the costumes turn out to have all the pieces you need, so you no longer have to beat your head in search of the right individual pieces to match the glove. And they often have a much more affordable price.

Baby baptism costume AnneBebe 801310

However, another aspect that will help you find the answer to this question is the way to combine materials, colors, cut, etc. A suit will always follow the same pattern and will prove to be an elegant, special choice. Through individual choices, you can sometimes make mistakes, especially if you don't have a trained eye.

Why choose gala costumes for baptism?

A classic costume or a gala one?

The gala suits are part of the category of premium suits, designed from materials of a superior quality and with carefully tailored finishes, respectively details elaborated with finesse. If you want the boy to shine in the spotlight on one of the most important days of his life, the best choice is a gala suit.

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What are baptism suits for boys made of?

As we mentioned previously, you will find more affordable variations and luxury baptism suits.

Most boys' suits include absolutely everything you need in terms of clothing - from jacket, pants, shirt or body type shirt, bow tie, even slippers or hat. Practically, you benefit from everything you need regardless of the season, in one package.

What are the trends for the fall-winter 2020 season?

The transition to the cold season revealed the most popular fashion trends, both in terms of cut, and especially in terms of shades.

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The most popular colors you can choose for your child's christening outfit, respectively for boys, are shades of brown, blue, burgundy, beige and gray. Of course, the combinations between these colors or the associations of non-colors, such as white and black, are no exception to the rule.

Pastel and quiet shades are another original choice for such an event.

For a festive setting as pleasant as possible that can be captured with the help of exceptional photo frames and that you will have permanently in your memory, we recommend matching the outfit with that of the parents, especially with the father's outfit.

Lorand AnneBebe baby costume

This is not exclusive, but merely a suggestion. So, if you see a certain color palette that you consider suitable for your child's christening, don't hesitate to choose it. The most important thing is that the clothes are not completely fitted so as to cause discomfort to the baby. In this way, you will also avoid discomfort on the skin (very unlikely if the suit is carefully made, without visible seams and made of precious materials), i.e. potential irritation and overheating of the skin (does not apply to top materials; for example, cotton)

Who is responsible for purchasing the outfit for baptism?

According to tradition, the godparents are responsible for the purchase of the christening outfit, regardless of whether we are talking about boys or girls.

Many families, as a sign of respect for the loved ones in their lives, dress their child in inherited clothes or gifts from other relatives. It's true, the gesture is very nice, but you have to think that all things have their own approach and that time has helped us to evolve both physically and morally.

Baby costume AnneBebe 801260-w6 Autumn - Spring

The new trends and models of clothes were specially designed to resonate precisely with the needs of the baby, avoiding those disturbances that the old clothes offered.

And the christening clothes, as well as the kit, are the baby's first things and the clear proof of a new beginning in life.

In conclusion, a boy's christening outfit should not be too difficult a problem or a challenge. Annebebe offers you numerous costumes specially designed for the magical day, so that godparents and parents can bring their most important contribution to the baby's first steps in the Christian life.

The love for the little one, the decision of the godparents to guide his steps for an eternity and the fact that the baby will have the face of the parents and all the available comfort given by choosing the right outfit, are the most important aspects of a baptism.