The fact that the environment in which we live influences our mood is already well known. The impact of the environment is produced from an early age, therefore, for the correct and harmonious development of the little ones, every detail must be taken into account. Therefore, the correct choice of colors in the child's room is essential. Here are our suggestions:

White is by definition the color of purity and innocence. That's why it can be the perfect choice for the objects around a child. In the Baby's Room you can find a wide palette of shades and white objects such as the Nido crib, the Tippy chest of drawers or the Nuvola wardrobe. Although a non-color, it will definitely provide the feeling of comfort necessary for the baby's rest. In addition, the space will seem bigger and cleaner.
baby furniture cot baby cot swaddling with multifunctional tub beech wood furniture

Blue tones are also suitable for children's rooms, emanating balance. It should be taken into account, however, to use light tones of blue because a strong blue can have negative effects. The Baby's room is a follower of this color, which you can find from bed linens, to cots or bedside lamps.
bed linen for boys, baby cot, beech wood, elegant design

Of course, pink could not be missing from our list. A favorite of the famous Barbie dolls, it can be used for girls' rooms of all ages. At the Baby Room we use shades of pink for many objects such as blankets, linens or toys.
bed linen baby girls pink annebebe baby's room

Like white, cream is a neutral color that can be used for furniture or wall painting. It can be easily associated with any other color, so if you opt for cream furniture or walls, you can add more color through accessories. At the Baby Room, cream cots, wardrobes or chests of drawers are extremely popular pieces of furniture.

In conclusion, the Baby Room recommends pastel, warm shades that are in line with the fragility and innocence of the first years of life. Our experts combine elegance with joviality so that the final effect is one of good taste. In our opinion, to color a space there is no need for loud colors that tire and create an impression of disorder.