The Feast of Flowers is an important one for Christians

It falls on the Sunday before Easter and is a good occasion to celebrate those who bear the names of flowers. There are also many children with flower names: Violeta, Florentina, Florina, iris, Anemona, Camelia, Codruta, Codrut, Delia, Dalia, Yasmina, Laura, Lacramioara, Narcissus, Viorel, Bud and many years.

Whether you have a small celebration of Flowers, or you like clothes with floral prints perfect for the summer season, we have prepared some wonderful ideas for gifts , toys, dresses and costumes for children. The floral theme is often found in our creations for children because it exudes a lot of naturalness, joy, and color. Simply put, flowers are part of the wonderful world of children.

Floral dresses

We have a lot of floral print dresses for girls. These will look wonderful and sweet at the kindergarten, in the park, at a nice party, at church, on holidays (Flori, Easter). There is very little left until summer begins, so dress up your princess in the most beautiful dresses with flowers. Don't forget to take photos because they will remain memorable for years and years to come. Here are some models of dresses that we fell in love with.

Elegant cream dress with flowers

Girl's Jacquard Dress

dress with flowers

Girls Ceremony Dress

Girls' Organza Ceremony Dress

Girls Ceremony Organza Flower Model Dress

Flower toys

From the youngest age, babies are curious to discover all kinds of things, and flower-shaped toys have a special role in their development. The first time you show them a toy flower, you tell them it's a flower and then when you go out into nature you show them the real, colorful, living flowers.

Baby Musical Educational Toy

Toy Spirala Koala Iris Plus Pink

Flowers always have something delicate, attractive, because they are loved by everyone. Many children often get attached to a flower toy, a flower pillow, a blanket with a floral print and keep it until they grow up. Here are some popcorn toys.

Beds, towels, kits and christening candles

With us you will find other articles for children and babies, with floral print. Look, for example, we have beds and towels for the little ones, with smaller or larger, delicate popcorn. They are fine details, not ostentatious, which add extra beauty to items specially designed for the children's world.

Pink Baby Hooded Towel with Flower Print

As for the baptism, we tried to make many candles, chests and kits with a floral theme, because these are loved by the godparents and parents of the baby to be baptized.

Personalized Girls Christening Truss Box

Flowers symbolize pure beauty, innocence, naturalness, sensitivity and life - exactly the characteristics that best describe the miracle of a few weeks or a few months of life.

Other accessories and articles with flowers

Browse the pages of our online store with articles for children and babies and you will not get bored discovering new and new ideas for the little ones.

White Poplin Dress With Flowers

The beautiful headbands will sit elegantly on the little princesses' heads and will awaken their curiosity.

Girl's Organza Headband Blue Flowers

White Flower Tiara Ceremony Headband

Even for newborns, you can find sets of bobbys and overalls delicately printed with popcorn.

Newborn Set 5 Pieces Pink With Flower Print

De Florii, choose flowers for your dear flower. It's time to brighten up their outfit and play and growing space with the unique image of flowers.