What do you need to know about the Azzura brand?

The rest period for babies is a real treat. But this period harmonizes the healthy development of the newborn when it takes place as it should.

For a quality sleep, but also for setting up a room dedicated to the needs of the little ones, Azzurra offers you pieces of furniture and delicate accessories, made of materials friendly to the needs of the baby and the environment.

If you want to prepare the child's room with an emphasis on comfort, safety and quality, at Azzurra you will find numerous pieces that meet your criteria, even the most demanding ones.

Happy children have quality sleep!

The baby's smile and openness to play and knowledge is a sign that you contribute to their development as it should. And this is possible when the cot allows them to adopt a comfortable position, but also when the cot linen is soft to the touch and gentle on the child's skin.

Azzurra contributes to the health and happiness of your little one by putting first all these primary needs that are a real necessity for a harmonious development.

By choosing Azzurra pieces, you know that you will not make a mistake and that the whole room of the baby will turn into a fairyland that will rewrite the care and love for your child.

Azzurra - the right furniture and accessories make children happy

The Azzurra story was born as an artisanal concept in the much-loved country to which we aspire in terms of vacations - Italy.

With a vast work experience and market research, the Azzurra brand wants to be able to offer furniture for the baby's rest and quality accessories, at a minimum price, with an exclusively Italian production. Thus, Azzurra products benefit from a quality guarantee, fulfilling all the standards imposed by the market, but also the requests of parents in relation to the broad needs of children who make our world wonderful.

Thus, the products focus on the uniqueness of each individual child, Azzurra offering increased attention to each individual detail. In the end, the resulting models and pieces are fully inspired by the world of children who have to write their own story in this world.

The Azzurra collections have in mind both the needs of families who have given birth to a baby, but also those of the parents of twins.

Azzurra at the Baby Room

At Camera Bebelusului you will be able to exclusively find various Azzurra brand items, from the Gemini and Funcky collections, to Chesterfield, Dolcemiele or Soffio.

Our portfolio offers you beech wood cots with sliding sides, rocking cots, cot protection sets and friendly cotton linens.

The Azzurra pieces will stand out both through the special finishes with adjustable mechanism as needed, from quality materials and rounded edges that ensure protection against unpleasant incidents, as well as through an elegant appearance with embroidery and/or cute bears.
We open our arms wide and look forward to getting to know you and sharing the Azzurra values ​​- with love for your child as well.