You are in and here you will find an incredible range of cots for babies.

We have wooden baby cots, textile cots, lighted co-sleeping cots, very elegant, medium-sized cots, cots for girls and boys.

Today we stop at the cheapest cots for children. Please always check our updated offer because we are constantly renewing our stock of baby furniture.

TOP 3 The cheapest baby cots, up to 500 lei

1. Folding Cot With 2 Levels and Accessories Bebe Royal, Blue, 201/01

travel cot

It is a blue folding baby cot, with a structure on two levels and comes with a series of accessories: an arcade with 3 toys, a changing table, a side compartment for different items, a travel bag. It is provided with a side window for the pen.

It is very easy to assemble and has an intermediate level. We recommend it for the first months of a newborn's life. It has wheels for easy handling and a brake to prevent accidental slips. It is ideal as a travel cot.

2. Folding Cot With 2 Levels and Baby Royal Accessories, Red, 613/01

Folding Cot With 2 Levels And Baby Royal Accessories, Red

This crib is specially designed for girls. With very beautiful decorative elements and several accessories included, this is a wonderful cot for travel or to be easily maneuvered from one room to another. Includes carousel with toys, travel bag. It is equipped with wheels and can be folded to take up as little space as possible.

It also has a transparent side that allows parents to easily check what the baby is doing inside. The bed can be installed on two levels, depending on the age of the little one. It is ideal for apartments, narrow spaces, as the first cot for newborns, travel cot, for holiday homes, for when the baby stays with grandparents, etc.

3. Baby Co-Sleeper Mini Cot With Swing System, Green, Bebe Royal AP802

Baby Co-Sleeper Mini Cot With Swing System, Green, Bebe Royal AP802

Another cheap and very versatile baby crib is this green model, which fits both girls and boys. It has stationary legs (with wheels underneath and a brake), with very good support and an ingenious rocking system. Thus, it will be easier to soothe your baby when he is in his crib. It is ideal for parents who want to experience co-sleeping, to sleep with the baby in the room.

Baby Co-Sleeper Mini Cot With Swing System, Green, Bebe Royal AP802 2

The fact that it can be tilted is an advantage because it helps prevent reflux and regurgitation during sleep . It has a transparent side that allows monitoring the baby at any time. It can be easily attached to the parents' crib and is safe to use until the baby is 3 years old.

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