We have to admit that it is a question that parents ask themselves from the moment they buy the crib. Is it worth buying a cot? Well, yes, it is worth buying a crib because it ensures the comfort and sleep of the little one between 1 year - 1 year and a half and 3 years - 3 and a half years.

Until what age does a baby sleep in a crib?

We must also understand that the age until which the little one will sleep in the baby cot is clearly determined by many factors: the energy of the little one, how big he has grown, other changes or transitions.

There is no clearly established rule of the age at which the little one must make the transition, but it depends a lot on the energy level of the little one. If he leaves, climbs the crib, the moment of change may have come. Moreover, if he has grown enough to no longer sleep comfortably in the cot , then this is the best sign that a change should be made. The transition could coincide with other important periods in your little one's life: like going to the potty or using the toilet, from a bottle to a cup or glass, getting rid of certain habits.


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How does the baby sleep in the crib?

It is no secret that the first born of the family will have a harder time detaching from the established habits, counting the crib among them. Children show a natural attachment to some things and it is more difficult to detach from them. Siblings are the ones who adapt more easily to the new changes because they will want to be like the older brother, who already sleeps in a bed of older children. The change for the second child may be easier.

All children are different in their own way and some struggle with change, others do not. We have to make sure that the little one is prepared for this transition when we decide to do it. Studies show that the little one should be left in his crib until close to the age of 3 because it is the age at which the little ones start to be prepared for transitions.

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Even if most parents make the transition from a crib to a normal bed because they are afraid of the activity that the little one can have during the night, being afraid that he will jump out of the crib, there are other cases where adults decide that it is time to make a change. For example, the arrival of a new member in the family. In this case, it is recommended that there be a long enough period in which to make the transition so that the child does not associate the newcomer with his move. The recommended period is at least 6 weeks.

When the change occurs, we must also make sure that the little one is prepared and not prioritize the move beyond the needs of the little one.

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If you guide your child with love and patience, he will have the necessary time to free himself from these feelings stored over time and he will be able to understand and desire this change.

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The respect you give your child in the decisions that involve him is very important for him. Children understand much more than we imagine. According to research, newborns get used to the language their parents speak even before they are born.


Because this transition can require emotional effort from children, it is important to try to develop their emotional intelligence. That way they will be willing to accept the changes that begin to appear in their lives.

Try to arouse the enthusiasm of the little one, involving him in buying the new bed, explaining to him that this change is a positive one, which comes due to the fact that now he is bigger, so he gets more space of his own, in which to sleep.