The first walks in public spaces with the little one are moments full of excitement for any parent. But there are myths in this case as well, one being that malls can affect the ability of the little one to rest or relax because of the bright and playful lights.

with baby at the mall

It is said that only if the child is left facing up without a sunshade, he will be much more agitated and will not be able to sleep due to the exposure to the bright lights present in the malls. Many parents fear that the commotion and visual stimuli in a shopping complex could affect their child's sleep routine. Strong light, noise and crowds of people can be factors that can keep them awake and agitate the little ones more than usual.

It is very important how such a situation is managed, especially in crowded public places, in order to minimize the discomfort of the little one as much as possible. Choosing a comfortable stroller, with sunshade and footrest, can provide a safer and more protected environment, especially for babies.

In addition, not all children react in the same way, some may be more sensitive to noise or light, while others may adapt more easily to crowded environments. It is important to detect his signals and needs in time and to adjust accordingly the activities and environments in which he will be exposed.

With proper planning and management of experiences in public places, a more advantageous environment can be created for the little one , thus being able to enjoy activities outside the home together, without interfering with his sleep routine.