In the first months of a child's life, parents often face many challenges and questions related to the care and comfort of their little one. In search of solutions, many couples rely on traditions and myths that seem to offer quick and effective answers. One of these is that wrapping the baby in a tight blanket or a diaper not only prevents colic and discomfort, but also ensures that it will have straight legs.

Swaddling the baby is an old tradition that was and is still practiced, considered that it can bring a feeling of security and comfort to the newborn child. However, recent research and experiences of parents show that swaddling can have unexpected and not always beneficial consequences for proper development.

Swaddling will ensure the little one's legs are straight

Excessive swaddling can limit the baby's freedom of movement and can have negative consequences on his development. Although there is a belief that swaddling will ensure the little one's legs are straight, the reality is that babies need freedom of movement to properly develop their muscles and joints.

The problem of colic

swaddled baby myth

It is the same in the case of colic, parents look for advice online or from relatives to quickly solve this problem. There are many other options that are worth exploring to calm the child and promote a peaceful and restful sleep. Massage, breastfeeding or the use of rocking accessories that imitate the natural movements of the arms can be good alternatives for the peace and calm of the little one.

This myth is false and can have negative effects on the child's development. Parents must better inform themselves about all the practices and myths, it being essential to find much more beneficial alternatives to ensure the peace and comfort that the little one deserves.