The most important change in a family's life is the birth of a baby. Although you might say that 9 months is enough time to get comfortable with the idea of ​​a new family member, things are not quite like that.

Every moment from the birth of the child is dominated by strong emotions. the fear of hurting him because he seems extremely small and frail, the worries that you will not be up to the challenge of being parents, the anxiety generated by the crying of the little one. But, all these worries disappear in favor of the joy of holding him in your arms, protecting him, and enjoying the incomparable moments you spend together. Baby's smile and his look full of innocence and hope give you the strength and confidence that you will succeed. To help you overcome the biggest challenge in life as easily as possible, and because we know that being a mother is the hardest job, we have compiled a list of useful tips and products necessary to wish you "Welcome!" your new family member.


The joy of bringing home your newborn baby cannot be described in words, that's why the moment when it is taken out of the maternity ward is very important. On his first outing in the city, your baby must have an outfit suitable for the season and the temperature outside.

The main criteria for choosing newborn clothes must be the quality of the materials and the comfort they offer. It is very important that the material that comes into contact with the baby's skin is natural and does not irritate the skin.

For the first days of the baby's life, practical sets are recommended, with 3, 9, 10 or 15-20 pieces, which are found in 2 special measures for babies (56 cm and 62 cm), these containing bodysuits (with fastening on shoulder or envelope style), capison towels 90x90 cm, cotton blankets, socks and gloves.

There are parents who prefer to use a wicker basket, specially made for this occasion, when they are discharged from the maternity ward; bassinets equipped with a memory foam mattress, cotton bedding, with a natural interior are preferred, the most practical parents using the bassinet of the stroller, if aStroller with 3 in 1 System (consisting of bassinet, shell and a sports part) was purchased.


The baby's room is the space where he will sleep and spend most of his time for quite a long time, so it is very important that it meets his needs. Even if the baby does not have his own room yet, the space where he will stay must be properly arranged for his coming home.

A particularly important aspect is the brightness of the room. Ideally, the light should be natural, for this a south or southeast orientation of the room is required. For less lit rooms or for the hours after sunset, it is also necessary to have artificial light. You can use a floor lamp or a lamp for night-time wake-up light , so that the baby is not in the dark, but also not disturbed by too bright light.

For the health and daily comfort of the baby, it is necessary to check the temperature and humidity of the room. During the first days of life, the temperature in the room must be a constant one, around 23-24 degrees Celsius, after that ensure a temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius. Humidity regulation is important, especially in the cold season, because heating systems dry out the air in the room; therefore the humidifier must not be missing, necessary if the humidity in the room is below 45%.

The BabyMonitor must not be missing from the room, for close supervision, because in the first part of life, the little one will be very dependent on the parents.

Another very important element in the baby's room is the crib . The most recommended is the wooden one, ideal for rest, relaxation and safe baby sleep. The most used type of wood for making a cot is beech wood, due to its special properties. Beech wood is very resistant, it successfully copes with knocks or light scratches and does not deform significantly with the passage of time, so it can also be the "nest" of the next brothers or sisters.

Cribs can be accessorized with natural mattresses, cotton sheets and bed protectors, waterproof protection that isolates the mattress and the crib from unpleasant leaks that may occur, warm blankets, canopies, light-up musical carousels, the baby's first toy, and very importantly, the sleeping bag, so that your baby can have a peaceful sleep.
But you can also opt for a less expensive version of the wooden crib, a textile crib with an intermediate level that can be decorated in the same way.

The cupboard, chest of drawers and changing table should not be missing from the puppy's room. An ideal dresser is the 3-in-1, consisting of anatomical tub with drain and hose, changing table and cabinet. This will help the mother to better organize the baby's wardrobe, being indispensable in his room.

Storage boxes are also useful, not only to collect all the toys scattered by the child, but also having a decorative role.


Although he spends most of his time resting, the baby needs, in addition to the moments in which he is pampered, massaged or tickled, also his moments of relaxation. Toys appear to help mothers.

From the first months of life, toys are essential for babies, learning ones stimulate their intellect, soft ones help them sleep better and calm them from crying when they are agitated.

The carousel for the crib is the first toy that the baby comes into contact with. With this learning toy, your baby will develop his visual skills and learn to better coordinate his gaze with the movements around him. Some carousels are also equipped with a music system, so the little one has the opportunity to practice and develop his auditory skills while playing.

Toys that make sounds when moved or pressed are another way of learning in the first months of life. At first he will be captivated by the way the toys make sounds when you move them, but as he develops, the baby will want to hold the toy himself and try to make the noises himself.

A rocking chair for nursing, sleeping or soothing the baby is necessary in the baby's room to ensure harmony and peaceful sleep.


Baby's first bath is an unforgettable experience, washing a baby who slides, squirms and sometimes cries incessantly is one of the biggest challenges. But this moment can be a wonderful one to strengthen the bond between mother and child.

It is recommended that the baby's bath be done in the first months in special tubs, as they can be placed on a support so that the mother's position is as natural and comfortable as possible.

There is awide range of bathtubs , they can have an ergonomic shape or a reducing pillow can be attached to them, specially designed for the most comfortable position of the child.

The baby will be removed from the tub, wrapped in a hooded robe or hooded towel. A newborn needs complete care, requiring a care set with blunt tip scissors, hair brush, comb, ear sticks with stops and nose pump.

In the child's room, an airtight basket for diapers is very useful, and for monitoring the weight and height of the little one, the scale that also has the function of measuring height is a good investment, especially for days with bad weather, which is an obstacle for a visit to the pediatrician.


Breastfeeding is the ideal way to ensure the baby's harmonious development. Mothers who nurture their babies by holding them in their arms offer them along with food and warmth, love and protection, representing the support on which their first feelings of love, safety, trust and comfort are created. For optimal feeding of the baby, the mother sometimes has to use a nursing pillow, and if the baby is not very picky, the mother will use a breast pump to ensure the good functioning of the little one's body.

If the baby is fed with powdered milk, it will be administered with the help of bottles, to which silicone or latex teats will be added, and to keep the milk warm, a bottle warmer is needed. To ensure comfort during the meal, a bib will be used, so that the baby does not get dirty.

Keeping bottles in top condition is absolutely necessary as baby tends to put everything in his mouth, this can be done with the help of a bottle brush and an electric steriliser.

Diversified nutrition supports the balanced and harmonious development of the baby so that it grows up healthy, and when the child reaches the right age you will also need spoons.


Going outside is good for health because it strengthens the immune system, so it is recommended that the little one be walked from the first days of life. Walking the baby in the stroller is a pleasant activity both for the mother, but especially for the child. Although sunlight is beneficial for the little one because it helps the synthesis of vitamin D, which is important for the good development of the bone system, direct exposure of the baby to sunlight is not recommended. That's why the stroller must have a roof that protects the child from the sun, but also from rain, snow and wind. During the first 6 months, the child must be transported in the pram.

A complete transport system includes several elements: a stroller, a car seat (shell), a basket for manual transport (landoul), to which the carrying bag can be added - useful for storing all the things necessary for a baby and its mother during travel.

In the baby carrier or carrier, the baby will sit in a vertical or horizontal position. These are ideal for short walks through the park with frequent stops.


From birth, the baby has a wardrobe well established by the mother; if in the maternity ward he is dressed in bodysuits, after leaving the maternity ward he starts to change his clothes as well. At home, the baby will be dressed as comfortably as possible, in bodysuit-type clothing (the model with staples between the legs is recommended, so the baby does not have to be completely undressed when the diaper is changed), bodysuit-type clothing with short or long sleeves (the most good ones are the model with staples on the shoulders, or in envelope style)

There are many types of clothes for newborns: from bodysuits, hats, blouses and trousers, to more complicated pieces such as jeans, hoodies or elegant suits. The baby's clothes should be simple, made of soft material, without applications. For those that come into direct contact with the skin (bodysuit, shirt, panties, socks), choose natural materials, such as cotton, which allow the skin to breathe and do not cause allergies or irritation.


Photos are some of the most beautiful birth memories and can be kept in various photo frames and albums specially designed for newborns. Frames and albums can have multiple accessories or functions, such as musical or precious metal ones (gold, silver, etc.). There are also baby print photo frames. Most mothers prefer to have the imprint taken after birth, to keep a memory of the first moments of the baby's life.

Babies always deserve the best and most beautiful gifts. Choosing a gift for the baby is a reason for joy for the parents, a manifestation of love for the little one. Photos are some of the most beautiful memories of birth; as we mentioned above, they can be kept in various photo frames and albums specially designed for newborns, with multiple functions or accessories.

Newborn toys are the most common gifts, but you need to make sure they are age-appropriate. These can be rattles, music boxes, carousels. Another unique gift for a future mother is a special box, in which she can keep the first teeth, the first strand of hair, together with the baby's birth certificate, as well as other memorable items from the baby's childhood.

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