Sometimes being a parent is very difficult, precisely because you try to be perfect for your child and you may make mistakes in certain situations. For example, when he hits himself, falls or cries, you feel guilty for what the baby feels. However, these things must be assimilated and perceived logically, so that you don't feel like a bad parent every day.

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One of the most problematic issues related to raising a baby is the crib in which it develops. There comes that moment when the little one feels the need to get up, to leave the place where you left him, and to avoid a mistake for which you would surely feel responsible, as a parent, it is best to know when the child starts to jump out of the pen/bed. Read on to find out!


Three representative stages for the child

Many parents opt for the basket in the first months of the baby. It's really a good place for the little one to sleep, but you know that babies grow very fast, and after just a few months, this basket will no longer be suitable. Why? During sleep, a substance is produced that helps the physical and mental development of the dwarf, thus, because in the first weeks he sleeps quite a lot, and the growth in height and weight are faster. Gradually, a first transition will be needed, from the basket to the pen.

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The playpen is the first real crib for the baby, something to which he will become extremely attached. Even if we say that they are very small and their way of perception is not yet developed, learn that a strong bond is formed between the child and the cot with bars . The beginning is an extremely beneficial one, because the dwarf cannot yet stand up. His toys, plushies and fluffy blanket are enough to keep him quiet. But what happens when he learns to take his first steps or when he can already sit?

Well, with this period, you should be much more careful, because little by little he will learn to stand up and climb. At 2-3 years old, the dwarf should walk well, stand up by himself and assimilate certain things around him.

It is the moment when the pen is no longer good enough. Why? For the simple fact that the subject will know how to "escape". And what happens if he succeeds? He can fall from the height of the pen, hide around the house and many other not very advantageous things.

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And so, the time for the little one to leave the pen has arrived. But, don't forget what I told you above, namely, the child gets attached to his first pen, and this can be a problem. How does it manifest itself? His sleep will be restless, he won't sit properly in bed, he will cry often , he won't fall asleep easily... in short, chaos will be created inside him. What can you do to avoid such a situation? Try to create the same atmosphere as the one in the pen.


From the pen to the crib

The last stage of the three has arrived and in order to convince the little one to be good and quiet, you should take into account the following indications:

  1. Talk to him and explain what is going to happen. Yes, we know that the little one does not understand 100% what is said to him, but again, their power to perceive certain things is quite advanced. Send him your emotion, your calmness...he will understand that it is a good thing to stay in bed.
  2. Surely in the pen he had toys and his favorite blanket. Put them to bed this time, cover him with his blanket and don't forget the toy he loves. He will feel that he is back in his pen.
  3. He keeps the same evening routine, does not change this process in his life. In addition, do not force him to make several changes at once. At the moment, the transition from the pen to the bed is enough for his life.

baby cosleeping cot

If you are thinking of a cot with several levels of height, know that this is an exceptional idea. Thus, you can leave the crib lower as the baby grows, for increased safety. In our offer you can find so many cots of different heights. We invite you in the store section to choose what you like and what is best for you and your baby, and if you need help, count on us. Call us or come to the CameraBebelus showroom and we will be happy to help you.


We are sure that you are a very good parent for the dwarf, and this new challenge will be met successfully. If you consider his age and the periods when a change is needed, we assure you that everything will be ideal.