Mommy, do you see how strong I am?

If when he was tiny, one month old and he was only sitting in the crib, you thought it was difficult, now you will more than likely not be able to keep up with him!

At 8 months, the baby is already strong, and he will want to prove it to you at every moment. Well, when he will throw the toys for you to give them back, well when he will grab onto anything to stand up by himself, or when he will do his best to reach a certain place, walking on all fours paws

Now, at this age, babies are becoming more and more active. You will see that now they know exactly what they want. They will show you the objects they want, pointing your finger at them, and if you object to giving them to them, the baby will go on a "mission" and try to get them!

I can see so well and hear almost perfectly!

Babies, in the eighth month, develop their auditory and visual systems almost perfectly.
At birth, babies cannot hear and see like adults. But these abilities develop with the passage of time.

Babies' hearing

When it comes to hearing, everything happens gradually. Around the age of 3 months, he is not able to distinguish much in terms of hearing, but he can recognize his mother's voice.

Between 3-6 months, the little one can feel where the noises are coming from and can turn his head in the direction they are coming from. And in the case of sudden and strong sounds, he may startle or get scared.

Starting with the age of 8 months, the hearing is almost fully developed, and the little one becomes more and more attentive to what is around him and because, now, he can distinguish more things in terms of sounds. He can enjoy toys that make noise more, and he can even imitate the sounds you make, starting at 10 months of age.

The vase of babies

Just like hearing, babies are not born with a fully developed visual system, but it evolves over time.

At birth, the baby can see, but he cannot yet appreciate the distance, and he cannot understand exactly what the shape, what are the dimensions and what colors are the objects that surround him.

Around the age of 8 months, on the other hand, babies' vision is almost completely developed. That's why it's an opportune moment for parents to carefully monitor their babies' vision and hearing, in order to spot any problems in time.

Mommy, please let me eat alone!

At 8 months, diversification is in full bloom. So, more than likely, you, as a mother, have already tried to give the baby enough food to eat.

What you could notice is, for sure, the fact that at this age the baby wants to be very independent and wants to eat alone. It's possible that he won't let you bring food to his mouth at all and will really want to feed himself.

So, until you learn how to eat elegantly, without getting dirty, prepare for the worst! The baby will eat not only with the mouth, but with the whole body. But, the fact that you let him do this, will help him gain a lot of courage in his own strength!

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Preparing the baby's room. You have to start teaching him to sleep on his own!

It's true that, baby, he will want to do almost everything himself. However, there is something that he will definitely not like. And that thing is, to sleep alone!

If the doctors recommend that in the first months of life you sleep with the baby in the same room, but not in the same bed. Already, close to the age of one year, you will have to teach him to sleep alone in his room.

The little one, however, might not come to terms with this idea from the beginning. So, start with small steps. Let him fall asleep in the same room as you, but take him to his bed once he's asleep.

Start doing more and more activities in his room, so that he gets used to it and learns that it is his own space, where he can do what he wants. Also, if you don't have a cot for the baby's room yet, buy him a suitable one, so that he can sleep alone without the risk of injury.

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The baby's bed is very important if you want your child to start sleeping alone in the room, but it will not make the baby less stubborn to sleep alone. Arm yourself with a lot of patience and don't let yourself be swayed by some big and watery eyes.

Baby will have to get used to, slowly, slowly, learning to sleep alone. So, don't think for a moment that you could harm him! Keep taking small steps, so that the baby doesn't feel overwhelmed by this change, and, surely, he too will start to love his new bedroom in time!