Folding cots very nicely combine the useful with the pleasant, they can be easily transported when you go on vacation with the whole family or when the grandparents want to spend more time with the baby so you go to pay them a visit. And at the same time, when the space of the house does not help you, the crib can be folded so that your baby has the necessary space to play and explore.

The advantages of a folding cot from CameraBebelusului

folding bed
  • Easy to carry wherever you need, on holidays, visiting grandparents, friends or relatives and anywhere else you feel the need to travel with the whole family
  • Elegant and unique, specific details and originality
  • Easy to store when your baby no longer needs it. At some point the time will come when your baby will grow up and want a bed just like yours, there is no need to throw away the old bed, you can keep it for a brother or sister
  • It offers the room where it is located the necessary space, so the child will have the playground he needs, without obstacles to confuse him or bump into
  • It is very simple to install, as well as easy to clean, a very important aspect because the baby's room must always be well cleaned and sanitized
  • It is stable, so sudden movements of the baby will not move it, safety being guaranteed
  • It is cheaper than other models
cheap folding bed

When is it necessary to have a folding bed in your baby's room?

Certainly, when you have an energetic child who is eager to move, explore and play continuously. With a foldable baby cot you can create in his room the perfect place for his favorite activities, and when it's time to rest, simply install the cot and the atmosphere turns into a quiet one, perfect for sleep. If you like to travel with the whole family, there will be no need for your baby to leave his dear resting place. A folding cot takes up little space and is easy to move both from one room to another and from one house to another.

What are the dimensions that a folding cot could have?

The dimensions of our folding cots are 120*60*73 cm, which means that, in addition to the fact that it does not take up much space even when it is unfolded, it will also take up less space when it is folded. Despite all this, your baby will be able to move freely in his sleep, without hitting himself.

I still haven't convinced you enough? Here are some reasons why you need a folding bed

  • It is provided with a table for changing the baby, as well as an arcade with toys and a transport bag
  • It can be transformed into a playpen with a side window
  • It is equipped with wheels and brakes, also called a travel cot, perfect as I said, if you like family trips
  • The sides are made of transparent mesh to allow the monitoring of the baby's sleep
  • It is practical and very useful

Once you have weighed all these advantages of the crib, all that remains is to decide if it is good for you and your baby. We assure you that the baby will be very pleased with this decision, and you will be amazed at how useful it is.

There are many other cots for your child's room , more beautiful, more elegant, with shiny details and that definitely make a difference. But, if you want to combine all this, namely the design with the utility of the product, such a cot can be the winner. As useful and practical as it is, its design is as unique. Which makes it even more attractive.

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