Ideas and tips for when you want to know that you are doing well what you are doing for your baby's sleep

The joy of being a parent brings with it many responsibilities and challenges. The baby's sleep routine and the way to arrange the crib so that the baby is safe and has a restful sleep are among the top concerns of new mothers and not only that.

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Because we are experts in cots for babies , we have prepared for you a series of useful tips to help you create a correct sleep routine for your baby:

  1. Create a sleep routine and try to follow it every day

Try to get the baby used to a bedtime routine, so that he associates this routine with bedtime. Such a routine can include bathing, massaging with baby oil, changing into other clothes or pajamas, breastfeeding and a different intensity of light.

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  1. Try to put him in the crib when he is sleepy and about to fall asleep and not when he is already asleep

If you move him to his cot after he has already fallen asleep, you risk waking him up and making him restless. More than that, it is important that the baby perceives the crib as a space intended for sleep and not in your arms. Therefore, placing him in the crib will represent for him the association with the sleep routine.

  1. Keep the light intensity in the room as natural as possible: during the day, let natural light enter the room where you are staying with the baby, and during the night, make sure it is dark and that you do not have strong lights in the room.
  2. Use white noise - soothing background music for babies. You can find such sounds on YouTube and they will help you calm the baby and cover the noises in the house.
  3. Avoid the baby being too tired because it will create discomfort for him , he will be restless and it will be much harder for him to fall asleep. Many people tend to believe that if the baby is tired it will eventually fall asleep, but the reality is different, and we have to make sure that the baby has a balanced routine and restful sleep.

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Besides all these aspects related to the routine you set for the baby, the way we prepare the crib for the little one is very important. Many new mothers insist that sleep is a very complex aspect in the baby's life, and studies say that most deaths among infants are caused by SIDS (Sudden Death Syndrome) and other sleep-related causes such as suffocation. The purpose of this article is not to generate fear, but to educate about how we prepare the baby's crib.

Here are some tips to ensure the baby sleeps as safely and effectively as possible

1. The baby must sleep alone.

Of course, the baby can sleep in the same room with you, but it is recommended that he sleeps alone in his crib and not on the sofa or in the bed with you.

The American Pediatric Association recommends that you share the room with the baby for at least 6 months, and afterwards, if the baby has a stable sleep routine and sleeps well at night, then you can dedicate a separate room to him, but you must take into account the movements during nights.


2. The position of the baby for sleep must be on the back.

There are many myths that sleeping on your back is not healthy or leads to flattening of the head areas, but the reality is that these are just myths, and sleeping on your back helps to eliminate fluids more efficiently and helps to avoid suffocation during sleep

3. The baby's crib must be as new and safe as possible.

By using the term "new" we mean a crib that has not been used for several years in a row by several children to ensure that it is still stable.

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4. A firm mattress and a sheet well attached to the mattress.

Many mothers tend to put a lot of toys in the crib, but it is recommended to avoid them and not to put anything else in the crib to avoid those objects reaching the child's face and scaring or suffocating.

Remember that in order to create a stable sleep routine, you need patience and keeping things as simple as possible. Don't forget to invest in a quality cot. We are waiting for you on the site with many advantageous offers for baby furniture.