The birth of the baby means immense joy in the family, and you, the new mother, are filled with love and gratitude. The desire to give your child everything he needs appears even before you hold him in your arms, since he was just the size of a pea. And among the first worries, there are also those related to the moment of leaving the maternity hospital , towards the sweet home.

Here are some ideas that will help you prepare your luggage for bringing your little one home in the fall or winter.

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How do you get a baby out of the hospital in the fall and winter?

Prepare your luggage before giving birth

Surely your maternity bag is already prepared, if you have to give birth soon enough. Most likely, you even received a list of what is necessary to contain that luggage, but many times, the clothes that the baby will be dressed in when leaving the hospital are omitted.

Even if you won't take those clothes with you from the beginning, it's good to have them ready, to avoid confusion and stress that could follow later. Remember that dads have emotions too, and to avoid the many questions or insecurities they may have regarding the purchase of baby clothes, prepare the little one's hospital discharge clothes ahead of time.

Comfortable and practical

The variety of baby clothes can be overwhelming at first, but because the baby is still adjusting to the outside world, he needs the most practical and comfortable clothes to make this transition as easy as possible. Choose pieces made of organic cotton, which are gentle on the skin, fine and comfortable. The baby's skin is sensitive when it is only a few days old, so choose the best for him or her.

After making sure that the clothes are comfortable, make sure they are also practical. Both of you are at the beginning and it will probably be difficult for you to dress the baby in a dress with lace or tight and rigid blouses, in which he cannot move freely. Choose bodysuits, overalls, trousers with legs or loose blouses, which can be worn very casually. To make it easier for you, you can even choose maternity sets , which already contain the main parts you need.

Maternity Set for Newborn Babies Organic Cotton

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The correct size

Have you decided what clothes to buy, but you don't know what size to choose? Thanks to medicine that has evolved so much, now you know approximately how many kilograms your baby will weigh at birth. Use this information to choose the right size for clothes.

Although maybe some people around you will advise you to choose bigger clothes, so that you can enjoy them for a longer time, this is not exactly indicated when the baby is so small.

Besides the visual appearance, it is very uncomfortable for the child to be dressed in a jumpsuit two sizes bigger. He can't move freely, he can be cold or he can get tangled in the sleeves that are too long.

Pay attention to the temperature

Autumn and winter are more capricious seasons and, although sometimes it is October on the calendar, the temperature outside contradicts it. Therefore, dress the newborn in light layers, and depending on the temperature, add the necessary ones. If it's a warmer day, wrap him in a blanket, a light hat and the extremities covered.

If it's a frosty day, you can opt for a thick overall and a warm hat. Be careful not to fall into the extreme of dressing it either too thick or too thin. Your own clothes can be a landmark, adding an extra layer to what you have on.

Think about transportation

Maybe you imagine that you will only carry the little one in your arms, but you just gave birth and your body is still recovering. It would be useful to choose a basket for transport or babynest , which can be used later at home as well. They are extremely cute, but also practical when the child is small.

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Handmade Baby Sleeping Basket Set & White Mattress Ahoj Baby

If you will travel by car, the baby will necessarily be placed in a car seat, secured in the belt, both the seat and the baby.

With a little preparation and organization, the moment of leaving the hospital will be one that you will always remember with joy, without stress and worries.