At, you will frequently find organic cotton clothes for children and babies on offer. It seems that the environmental, social and economic benefits of using organic cotton instead of the traditional cotton used for centuries are substantial.

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Why is organic cotton an excellent material for children's clothes?

Organic cotton has a series of characteristics that recommend it for clothes and other objects that come into contact with the skin of the little one (towels, blankets, etc.). It is softer and gentler with the delicate skin and offers the child the comfort he needs during sleep or when doing a certain activity. In addition, organic cotton becomes softer as it is washed.

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Classic cotton is obtained and usually used in combination with pesticides or toxic chemicals, and this means that in the end it ends up having a rougher texture. On the other hand, organic cotton does not contain pesticides or chemicals, so your child will not inhale anything toxic.

In organic cotton clothes there is no discomfort, as sometimes occurs in classic cotton clothes. There are fewer risks of developing conditions or irritations following contact with the skin (for example: dermatitis, eczema, allergies).

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Because the fibers were not damaged by chemicals during production, the quality of the cotton is clearly superior. Therefore, organic cotton clothes will last longer than conventional cotton clothes.

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Then, about organic cotton, you should also know that it is resistant to mold and that it prevents the development of microorganisms. It is important that a baby or small child is dressed in clothes without chemical substances, because at this young age he can develop allergies, because his skin is much more sensitive compared to that of an adult. Organic cotton is ideal both for clothing and for blankets or bed linens for babies. Thus, the little ones can play freely, sleep comfortably, grow and develop harmoniously.

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Organic cotton is eco

Because climate change and environmental protection are becoming more and more discussed topics, more and more people and companies choose to use ecological products for a variety of uses.

Organic cotton, apart from the fact that it offers many benefits for children and babies when worn, is also an environmentally friendly material that contributes to creating a more sustainable future for children.

Conventional cotton production is a process that requires a lot of water. In fact, it takes 2,700 liters of water to produce one t-shirt and because most cotton is grown in water-scarce areas, this has a significant detrimental impact on water sources and the people who depend on them. of that water to live.

However, organic cotton production uses 92% less water than conventional cotton, as well as rainwater in a more efficient way. Considering that no chemicals and pesticides are used during production, the water that reaches the soil and rivers is cleaner and safer.

So, organic cotton is an optimal choice for everyone.

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How to raise your baby in organic products?

- choose organic cotton clothes for him, from his first days of life ( organic cotton bodysuits , pants, blouses, shirts, etc.)

- buy towels , blankets and baby blankets, made of organic cotton

- read the label of the clothes you buy or the full description on the website to make sure they are made of organic cotton

- emphasizes quality and not quantity. It is better to buy fewer clothes for the little one (especially since he grows quickly) but of higher quality, made of organic cotton, than more clothes of poor quality.

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