Statistics show that in Romania, annually, about 20,000 girls are baptized with the name Maria, whether it is the first or second name. Although in recent years, there has been an abundance of very original and new girls' names, Maria has not lost her first place in the ranking of the most chosen names for babies.

As August 15, the feast of Saint Mary, is fast approaching, if you have a baby who is celebrating his name day, we have some perfect gift ideas, all discounted until August 15. Take the opportunity and choose something new, special for Maria, Mariuta, Mariuca, Maruca, Marina, Mara, Marian and all other names derived from Maria.

10 beautiful gift ideas for children and babies for Saint Mary

1. 4-piece bed protection set for cots Jolie Collection

The best gift for baby Maria is definitely a comfort detail, like this bed protection set that contains 4 items: bed quilt, quilt cover, pillow cover and cot protectors, decorated with a bow and teddy bear. They are all part of the same beautiful story told by Jolie. The protectors increase the degree of safety for the small child and instill in him a feeling of protection. The baby can move freely, can start to make the first twists, turns and rolls in his little safe Universe.

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2. Andy & Helen Baby Towel, 100 x 100 cm Pink Teddy Bear V1

My dear, today is your name day and I have a surprise for you: a bath with poetry, followed by a relaxation massage and premium wrapping in a new towel with a pink teddy bear - you may think that for your baby of a few months, such of speech does not matter. But it's not like that! The connection starts before the little one starts talking. You communicate with your child before he utters the first word. That's why, on Saint Mary's Day, on August 15, don't overlook your baby's name day, but make it a special moment.

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3. White Organic Cotton Body type dress S63103

You have been dreaming for some time that you will have a doll and you will dress it in dresses, in pastel colors, comfortable clothes, accessorized with headbands, childish drawings, bows and lace details. Now you have a living doll, and time flies. Enjoy this period as much as you can because it will be one of the most beautiful in your life. Choose beautiful clothes made of organic cotton, gentle on the skin of the small child. He will feel comfortable, and you have free time to take pictures and videos that will enrich the box of experiences from this period.

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4. Baby Art Messages Molded photo frame

Here is an extremely creative and emotional gift that you can give to your child, niece or daughter-in-law who may be celebrating her first name day in her life. The kit includes everything you need to create a unique and personalized photo frame. You can choose for the mold to be for Maria's hand or foot.

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5. Box for the Child's Memories with Fingerprint

The memories from this period are memorable and deserve to be kept in a place of honor - in a cheerful little house, marked with the baby's fingerprint. The house is the ideal gift for baptism, birthday or name day. The kit contains a box of memories measuring 22 x 11 x 23 cm, a mini stencil, a tube of paint and complete instructions. For an epic effect, personalize the box with the baby's handprint.

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6. Vanilla baby Patty 21 cm Nines

Toys are the first gift idea that comes to mind when you want to buy something special for a small child. Indeed, toys go straight to the soul of the little ones. Choose to give this Vanilla Baby Patty 21 cm Nines as a gift, which will be part of many experiences of the small child, including role-playing games. The baby doll is originally from Spain and what makes it special is the fact that it has a smell. It thus stimulates the senses and emotions of the little ones. It is made of non-toxic materials, safe for children

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7. Lamp With Sounds And Projections Summer Infant

Add a touch of diffused light to the baby's room and it will be happier. The lamp with sounds and projections is not an ordinary and boring lamp. We could even say that it is a small gadget for children and babies. It projects stars on the ceiling and creates a warm, pleasant and serene atmosphere. It emits 3 lullabies, the sound of heartbeats and two types of natural sounds - these will calm the little one and invite him to a peaceful sleep.

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8. Beberoyal Purple Multifunctional Tricycle, 2-5 years, 500TC/02

For a child between the ages of 2 and 5, we have prepared a special gift for Saint Mary: a multifunctional tricycle. It has a reversible seat, so the little one can see you or can see in front. It has a sun and rain canopy, an ergonomic handle and a folding system. It can be easily transported by car, which makes your routine of going out to the park easier. The tricycle is transformable and changes as the child grows. If at first he puts his feet on a fixed support, later he will be able to place his feet on the pedals, so that in the end he will learn to pedal himself.

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9. Electric car Audi S5 cabrio Rosie

Maybe your baby already has a fully furnished room, a closet full of clothes and a bag full of toys (even if it doesn't fit well in the bottom). For these hyper-organized parents, who don't miss anything and who don't like compromises, we have a special gift: an electric car. It's not a toy, like the ones on the shelf. It has the right dimensions for a small child, who will be happy to take his first driving lessons. The car has a lot of functions, sounds, fun, control modes. In short: a successful gift for a small child.

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10. Pongo Collection 3-piece lingerie set

Your child's relatively small space deserves beautification. Put aside the monotonous linens and choose to turn routine days into joyful days. Because often the details make the difference, we invite you to give a new set of underwear, decorated with animals: a puppy, a bear and a bunny, as a gift to a small child named Maria. Bedtime will become more pleasant for the little one, you will have a topic for discussion and maybe even a spark of inspiration for the evening story.

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Until August 15, you have extra discounts on all the products listed above in our top. Whether you are preparing a mini party for 2 or 3 to celebrate Saint Mary on August 15, the day of your baby or small child, or whether you want to make this day a special one for your little Mary, we are waiting for you with beautiful ideas of gifts and discounts on dozens of products.

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