The baby is exclusively breastfed

In order for your baby to grow up healthy, doctors strongly recommend that your child's nutrition be represented by breast milk. It has many benefits for the baby as well as the mother, and with the help of a balanced diet, breastfeeding can represent a solid basis for the normal development of the child.

Especially in the first days after birth, the mother's breast secretes colostrum, which, although it is secreted in much smaller quantities than normal breast milk, represents a rich meal for your baby. Besides the fact that, in the first days, colostrum is more than enough for the baby to be satisfied, this milk brings countless benefits, and doctors recommend breastfeeding at least in these first days after birth, so that the baby can take advantage of all the substances present in colostrum.

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How does colostrum help the baby? How do I know if I have enough milk?

To begin with, you should know that this special milk is secreted in smaller quantities, but it also contains three times more protein than normal mother's milk. That's why the small amount shouldn't scare you. Feed the child every time he asks for it and things should proceed normally.

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If you are still worried about the amount of milk the baby is consuming, constantly monitor its weight, and if it does not gain weight within normal parameters, seek the advice of a doctor. If the doctor determines that the milk secretion does not provide the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals for healthy development, a milk supplement will be introduced into the baby's diet, the formula of which must be adapted to its age.

At the opposite pole can be mothers who have a much too high secretion of milk compared to the baby's needs. Although this situation is not encountered very often, we can tell if we have too much milk by the fact that our breast feels heavy and may even become painful, even though the baby is already full. Solving this problem can be done by using a milking pump, so that we collect the excess milk, and the breast no longer feels heavy.

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the exclusively breastfed baby

Returning to colostrum, in addition to the high level of proteins, it also contains countless vitamins and minerals, which will help the little one to develop healthily. Antibodies present in colostrum also play an important role.

If until the moment of birth, your child was protected by the mother's body, where it was offered everything it needed, after birth, it comes into the world without a developed immune system, which is why it will have to be kept in an environment as sterile as possible and not to come into contact with other people who have cold symptoms. Colostrum plays a special role from this point of view, because it lays the foundations of the immune system, through the large amount of antibodies present in its composition.

Colostrum also helps with the digestive system. It is well known that, by consuming colostrum by the baby, the lining of the baby's sensitive stomach is made and, in the future, it helps him to have a normal digestion and to respond positively to the various foods consumed by the mother. Also, by consuming colostrum, the penetration of the baby's small intestine with foreign substances will be prevented in the future. If there are no medical problems, try to give your baby the chance to consume this type of milk, so that in the future he will have a strong stomach!

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Useful tips to get through this period as easily as possible

The frequency of breastfeeding will be quite high in the first days of life, it may be necessary to breastfeed him from hour to hour, depending on the baby's requirements. This may seem very demanding, especially in view of the fact that, in the first months after birth, you will also have to recover. It can be a difficult period for you, but try to keep those close to you and let them help you with the little one, so that you can get through this period more easily.

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Another aspect that could give you a headache is the action itself of putting the baby to the breast. At least in the first few days, breastfeeding might seem like a chore. Because, most of the time, it won't be like in the movies. In the sense that, it is very possible that the baby does not know how to react and does not start sucking at the breast on the first try, being something new for him. Keep calm, however, and keep trying to put the baby to the breast, and if these attempts do not bear fruit, call a lactation consultant.

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Although you managed to convince the baby to feed at the breast, for you there may still be discomfort regarding breastfeeding. Discomfort that can be lower or higher depending on the sensitivity of the mother in the nipple and pre-mammillary area.

Because of the frequency of breastfeeding, the sensitivity of the mother's skin, as well as other factors, even cracks or fissures can appear on the nipple, which can cause discomfort to the mother. There are various solutions for these problems, so that the mother's discomfort is as small as possible.

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If you also have this problem, you should know that there are various ointments that can reduce the discomfort created in the breast, such as sterile lanolin or garmastan.

Surely you also faced various problems while breastfeeding your baby. But it is equally certain that every effort you make is worth it for the baby to lead a healthy life. Even if it is difficult in the first days, thanks to the frequency with which you practice it, it will become automatic, both for you and for the child. And what seemed difficult to you at the beginning, will surely become easier with the passage of time!