Each organism is different, and this is not excluded in the case of babies. Take into account the needs of the little one, he will help you with many answers. In vain you ask left and right what time the baby should be fed, if it cannot be applied in your case .

1. What does the baby eat?

Many mothers cannot breastfeed, either they do not have milk, or they have other problems that prevent them from doing so. If you can breastfeed, the benefits are numerous. From milk that does not need to be prepared, to breastfeeding in any place where the baby asks. Nowadays, breastfeeding in public has become more and more popular, which is an encouraging thing for mothers who felt embarrassed to do so.

If I don't have milk..

If you cannot breastfeed, there are many milk powder formulas that you can include in your baby's feeding. Powdered milk will require preparation, it is not like mother's milk, that's it. Don't worry, good baby milk powder will result from mixing milk powder with measured water. Maybe it will take you a little more time, but the most important thing is that your chicken is fed.

There are situations where, although the mother has milk and can breastfeed without problems, the baby simply cannot suck from the breast. Such situations may arise, but everything comes with its solution. We recommend you to be patient with yourself and your baby, and if you need help, don't hesitate to call your doctor.

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2. How does the baby eat?

As I mentioned before, the baby can be fed at the breast or with powdered milk. At the breast, the baby will suck on its own or sometimes "pushed" by tickling the cheeks by the mother. Sometimes the little ones fall asleep with the breast in their mouth, and here comes the stimulation of the baby to resume feeding (followed by a new series of tickling and holding the finger in the mother's hand). To prepare the milk powder, read the instructions on the box with which you buy it from the store or pharmacy, special for the age of the newborn (0 years).

There are mothers who give their babies powdered milk in addition to breastfeeding. Why milk powder? Because some babies can't get enough of only the milk their mother has.


3. How much does the baby eat?

It is a controversial question, and opinions are divided. How much the baby eats obviously depends on him, on how often he is hungry. The baby can wake up every two hours to eat, while others can wake up every 4 or 6-8 hours. It should not be forced to eat. Maybe at first he will eat very little, but think about us, the adults. We eat as much as we're hungry, if we don't follow a diet that limits us. In the case of babies, there is no problem with diet. So give him as much as he asks. Moreover, among nursing mothers there is even this expression of breastfeeding on demand.

There are also babies who ask for a larger amount of milk, but there is nothing wrong because each body has its own functioning system.

We are of the opinion that the baby should be fed as much as it asks. There is no rule that you must apply with holiness. However, if you suspect that your baby is eating too little or too much, do not hesitate to contact the pediatrician.


what baby eats

An important aspect regarding the feeding process is the elimination of air. It must be eliminated after every meal, for a problem-free digestion. How do we eliminate baby gas? After each meal, the baby is held on the shoulder and gently patted on the back until the air is expelled. It is not excluded that he spills a little of what he ate - this is a common thing in babies. In this case, there is a short break, after which the feeding of the newborn is tried again. If he can eat, he will, if not, wait.

The first days of the baby's life are actually an accommodation between the mother and the little one - an accommodation from all points of view, including in terms of nutrition. Be patient - slowly, slowly you will get to know the eating habits of the little one and you will be able to regulate the meals.