What is in a maternity set for a newborn?

Finally, the big day has come: the day your child was born and only now begins a new life full of happiness. You want to give him the best from the first hours of his life. You carefully prepared what could be useful to her and you really think if you did not exaggerate with the things you brought to the maternity ward. You know that now he needs the love of his parents and that everything will be fine.

However, you seem to want to know if you have made the right choices: are the clothes chosen correctly? Does the hat bother him? If I pull his socks? If you need a piece of clothing in the next few days that you didn't bring with you? It is normal to ask yourself all kinds of questions and to think if you have made the right choices.

To avoid all these thoughts, we want to present you what a maternity set for a newborn should contain. These clothes will help you in maternity, but also in the first month of your child's life.

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How should the clothes for a newborn be

The choice of clothes for a newborn and for the first month of his life must ensure all the necessary comfort. Thus, the clothes should be made of soft, natural and non-allergenic materials, to avoid irritation of the baby's sensitive skin.

If it is spring or autumn, it is recommended to use bodysuits with long sleeves and pants, which cover the whole body of the baby. It is important that they have openings at the level of the neck and legs to facilitate dressing and undressing without disturbing the child too much.

Choose clothes that have staples in the front, which are easy to open and close, to make diaper changing as efficient as possible. In addition, it is advisable to avoid clothes with large buttons, which could irritate the delicate skin or be uncomfortable for the newborn.

Depending on the season, you can add additional layers to keep the baby comfortable. When it is hot, it is recommended to use thinner clothes, made of breathable materials.

It is important to pay attention to the baby's comfort and to adapt the clothes to his specific needs in the first months of life, considering that he cannot regulate his body temperature in the same way as an adult.

Set of 6 pieces Newborn

What does a maternity set for a newborn contain

If you want to make sure that you have chosen the right clothes for your baby, for the first month of life, you can choose a maternity set for a newborn. It contains everything you need and later, you will learn to choose the best for the baby.

If you have a little girl, you can choose a 21 Piece Set Newborn White & Pink Organic Cotton Balloon Print S18625 Kitikate. All the items in the set are made of organic cotton, which ensures comfort for the baby's skin and is a hypoallergenic material. The set is also delicate from a chromatic point of view, as the colors are pink and white.

Organic cotton Print balloon maternity set

This set contains 21 pieces that will be useful in the first month of life, with sizes from 50 to 56:

  • bodysuit with long sleeves
  • bodysuit with short sleeves
  • long sleeve overalls
  • two sets with blouse, trousers and hat
  • a blouse
  • a celebrity
  • gloves and other necessary items.

If you have a boy, you can choose this 10-Piece Set for Newborns, Cream with Navy Blue Plaid for Boys USB1074 Us Polo Asnn. All items are made of 100% cotton, which is friendly to the baby's delicate skin. The set contains the following:

Set of 10 Pieces for Newborns
  • Jumpsuit with long sleeves: closes with staples, so dressing and undressing will be quick and easy
  • Bib: ideal to prevent clothes from getting dirty
  • 2x blouse with long sleeves: can be worn as such or with other outfits
  • Pants with booties: with their help, the little one's feet will be warm all the time, without the fear that they might take off their socks
  • Socks: for warmth and comfort
  • Handkerchief
  • fez
  • Gloves: which prevent the baby from scratching his face (in the first months, babies' nails grow very quickly and many parents are afraid to cut them)
  • Blanket: offers warmth and comfort, being perfect for wrapping the baby.

Necessary for the first month of life

The sets that I presented to you represent part of the minimum required for the first month of the baby's life. If you want to prepare properly, you should make sure that you have what you need for this month. It is good to buy everything ahead of time, because the first month is for accommodation and you may not have the time or the necessary mood to go to the shops.

Apart from clothes for the first month of life , one of the priorities is a safe and comfortable place to sleep. You can choose a crib for co-sleeping or a special crib for the baby, which you can put in his room or in the parents' room. A bedding made of skin-friendly materials and a special sleeping bag for newborns will make everything much more comfortable and safe.

In the first month of life, the baby's diet can change. Regardless of whether you want and try breastfeeding (exclusively or in combination with milk formula) or if you need formula from the beginning, it is good to know that you must have at least a bottle and a box of special milk powder on hand for this age. Then, you can order a breast pump, bottle sterilizer and others.

Set of 5 pieces Newborn

Also in the category necessary in the first month , we must also mention hygiene. Hygiene is very important for the baby's health. Make sure you have water-based wet wipes on hand for traveling, a special shower gel for babies' delicate skin and a cream for diaper irritations, which you can use if needed.

Also for hygiene, you will have to buy a special tub. To change the baby, you can choose cots (disposable absorbent mats) and you will also need accessories, which you can have at hand around the house, because babies can regurgitate and thus you will not need to wash clothes all the time.

We hope that the presented information will be useful to you!