When he was in your womb, you caressed him tenderly, with care and love, and he calmed down and received all the warmth and feelings of familiarity and security. There is nothing on this Earth that resembles that environment. At Annebebe, we tried to imitate this safe and comfortable space with a wonderful babynest.

Once your baby is born and you receive him with a smile on your face, you can do a lot of things to ensure his comfort, protection and safety. Every time you let him go, baby needs that strong protective feeling.

A comfortable and familiar nest for a good rest

First of all, the babynest is not a bed - we did not think of it exclusively for the baby's sleep. What the babynest offers is a safe, comfortable and restful place for your baby to feel good even when you are not holding it. Also, the babynest is great when you just want to place the baby safely next to you or feed it.

Whether you're at home or traveling, Babynest gives your baby a comfortable place to watch the world unfold in front of his curious eyes. Also, a babynest offers busy parents flexibility - practically, the baby will feel at home wherever you go (to grandparents, on vacations, trips, etc.).

Therefore, when the baby is not in your arms, place him quietly in the Annebebe babynest. It has a flat surface and is ready to be used for the baby's rest time, when you want a little break for your arms or during his playtime.

Secure, portable, adjustable

Annebebe used a unique combination of materials to design the babynests. Some basic features are:

  • high quality soft materials
  • washable parts
  • firm but soft mattress that supports the baby's back and neck well
  • variety of shades
  • handles for easy transport

babynest annebebe by camerabebelusului

How to use a babynest?

Here are some things you need to know about using babynests.

  • place the babynest only on flat, low, unheated surfaces
  • always place the baby so that the head is in the narrow part of the babynest
  • always place the baby on its back in the middle of the babynest
  • if necessary, wrap the baby only up to the belly and make sure that the blanket is secure next to him

Because it is not a cot for sleeping, you can use the babynest for a lot of things when the baby is awake:

  • the babynest can be a safe and favorite place for the comfortable, supervised rest of the child
  • you can play with the baby at floor level
  • use it for those special moments when the family is around - watch your little one smile as they look up to your faces
  • it is ideal for giving the baby a relaxing massage
  • turn it into a mobile playground to stimulate their senses
  • place a safe mirror on top and watch as the child discovers his reflection in it
  • you can use the babynest in the gym where you practice or do yoga and place the mirror so that the baby can follow you in it
  • place the babynest next to a window (safely and away from the curtains), where the baby will be able to enjoy the play of shadows, the chirping of walkways or other sounds from nature.

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The Babynest is a safe place for the baby

We assure you that we have done all the necessary tests for the Annebebe babynests and your baby will be safe in it. In everything we do, our main priority is the well-being and safety of your baby. Therefore, we made sure that each babynest meets the quality and safety standards in the field.

The materials used are safe for the baby's skin, as delicate, breathable and healthy, which allow good breathing and optimal air flow. They do not contain harmful substances, phthalates, heavy metals or known allergens. To prevent the risk of suffocation, there are no cords, buttons or other loose parts that could pose a danger.

The Babynest is open, to allow maximum air flow, and the sides are soft, comfortable and safe.

Babynest pink with specialBaby MFLBNR butterflies

Careful! What should you NOT do with a babynest?

  • do not wrap the baby excessively
  • do not place it on an unsafe surface, where the baby could roll and fall
  • do not leave the child unattended in the babynest
  • do not try to raise the babynest; it should always remain flat
  • never place it on a high surface
  • make sure that the baby is not too warm in the babynest
  • the babynest is not a substitute for the shell or the car seat
  • when the baby starts to stand up and turn on its stomach, stop using the babynest
  • do not use extra mattresses, extra bedding or other elements inside the babynest
  • never use the babynest to carry the baby from one place to another

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Small tricks for a safe sleep of your baby

  • share the room with the baby, but not your bed
  • it is safest for the baby to sleep on its back, in a crib that meets all safety standards (this applies both to night sleep and to sleep periods during the day)
  • do not place the baby in bed or next to your partner if you have consumed alcohol
  • keep the room temperature between 16 - 20 degrees Celsius
  • do not place pillows, beds or toys in the baby's sleeping area
  • keep the baby away from cigarette smoke

When not sleeping, it offers your baby a beautiful and safe place to start observing the world: a babynest, a product made with the utmost care and attention for little ones and parents.


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