When it comes to your baby and how to make him feel good, you think of all kinds of things or devices to help you in this mission of taking care of him in the most efficient way. That's exactly why, today we decided to present you the new changing table that also has a tub included , everything so that you always have what you need at hand to give your little one the comfort, safety and care he needs in everything moment.

chest of drawers with tub

With the help of this table, changing the baby has never been easier!

What is very interesting and important about this chest of drawers with changing table , is the fact that your baby will always be positioned in the area of ​​your heart, something that will help you a lot when you have to change or dress him.


Is it just a simple changing table? Not! It also has a built-in bathtub!

Besides the fact that it is much more efficient than a simple changing table with a tub, it also comes with a very big plus: the built-in tub. With the help of this idea that combines 2 elements so important for both the mother and the baby, changing and changing are now even easier, but also more comfortable than before.

Very easy to clean, this tub is safe for your baby, because once it is disinfected, it will ensure optimal hygiene, and the bacteria will disappear from the little one's reach in an instant. So you will not have to worry about this, because this environment will not retain microbes and there are no risks for your baby to come into contact with certain foreign bodies that could harm him.

chest of drawers with white tub

Changing table with tub - but do I have a place to put baby oils?

Because you always hope for more and better, whoever came up with this idea of ​​combining a changing table with a tub, thought of everything, because some of these even have certain supports for you to have at hand the oils, creams or any product you need when bathing the little one.

Thanks to these supports, you no longer need to risk leaving your baby unattended while you look around for the essentials, so this is another big plus that the changing table with built-in tub has.

Also, some of these changing tables with a tub even have a shower to be able to rinse your little one, so that no microparticles of the products you use for his bath remain on his skin, and there is no risk of irritation later .

chest of drawers with a cheap tub

A lot of benefits, in one product!

If you haven't already convinced yourself of how wonderful this changing table with tub is, then we'll give you one more reason. For many mothers, it is difficult to move their baby from the tub or bath to the changing table. If the crib takes place in another room, the baby is often swaddled so that he doesn't catch a cold. However, when the bathtub is at hand, in the first 6 months you can comfortably bathe the little one right in his room. In this way, you will protect it more easily from the cold.

Now, with the help of this baby changing table, you don't have to worry about such things anymore, because there is no need to move the little one from one place to another. You can bathe and dress him in the same room, maintaining thermal comfort without any extra effort or stress.

complete furniture set for babies

You can also keep the little one on the table, under your eyes, until you make sure that the water in the bathtub is warm enough, so that you can bathe him without worry. There is no longer the risk of it waiting unattended in another room or in a cool place. Also, you won't buy another baby accessory that will take up space around your house or in the bathroom. That's why we love 2-in-1 multifunctional solutions.

So, now that you have seen how comfortable this changing table is, which has a built-in tub, and you have convinced yourself of its advantages, choose the one that suits you best, and that fits your needs and of your baby.