Your guide to the Sex Reveal Party

Sex Reveal Party is a relatively new concept, but which has gained a lot of ground in recent years in the West. In Romania, the concept is still not very well known, but future parents, grandparents and grandparents are always happy when they learn about it. As the name suggests, this party is organized to reveal whether the future mother is going to have a boy or a girl.

Who organizes the Sex Reveal Party?

sex reveal party guide

In general, parties of this kind are planned by the couple who are expecting a child. Although the occasion is very important, the party can actually also be a gathering between friends or family, at a barbecue, in the backyard. It is more of a casual party than a formal one.

Even if the couple entrusts the task of organizing this party to a family member, godparents or friends, they should still be the ones hosting the event.

Who is invited to the Sex Reveal Party?

Most such parties are limited to family, parents and close friends, but that also depends on the couple. Because often, baby shower parties are reserved only for the future mother and her friends, the Sex Reveal Party can also be attended by male friends in large numbers.

However, if someone cannot attend the Sex Reveal Party, he or she can show up later at the Baby Shower Party.

When is the Sex Reveal Party organized?

Ideally, a Sex Reveal Party should be organized at a considerable distance from the Baby Shower Party. Because the Baby Shower Party usually takes place in the third trimester of pregnancy, the Sex Reveal Party could be organized in the first 3 months, as soon as the mother finds out if she will have a girl or a boy. In general, at 12 weeks of pregnancy, the bitest is done, a blood analysis corroborated with an ultrasound, which shows quite faithfully what sex the child will have.

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However, if the parents decide to organize a Sex Reveal Party later, they can combine this party with the Baby Shower Party.

Creative ideas to reveal the sex of the future baby at the Gender Reveal Party

  • with a bursting jumbo balloon. Inside there can be confetti, glitter, powder, etc.
  • confetti towers
  • cutting a cake, which can be pink or blue, with baby-boy or baby-girl figurines
  • with a pinata
  • opening a box, full of colored balloons (which can be pink - for a future baby girl or blue - for a future baby boy).

Can future fathers be surprised when the sex of the future baby is revealed?

Of course, but this depends on the couple's preferences and personality. There is no right or wrong choice. However, it is usually better that both parents are perfectly happy whether the future baby will be a girl or a boy, to avoid the awkwardness of disappointment at the Sex Reveal Party.

What does the Sex Reveal Party entail?

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During this party, some games can be organized, sweets, drinks and themed food are offered. The climax is the reveal of the sex of the future baby.

Although the games are not mandatory, they can create a relaxed and fun atmosphere. For example, you can organize funny contests with changing diapers or you can place bets with a reward for those who guess whether the baby will be a girl or a boy.

The food and drinks can vary, but generally opt for light snacks. Desserts are often cupcakes with pink or blue decorations, depending on the theme of the genre to be revealed.

Can you bring gifts to the Sex Reveal Party?

Gifts at the Sex Reveal Party are not necessary, but are a nice gesture; they are always welcome and appreciated, especially if they are related to the future mother and the baby she will give birth to. Because you don't know the sex of the baby yet, you can focus on gifts for the future mother or gifts that suit both girls and boys (toys, pillows, white clothes, white bedding, etc.).

Sex Reveal Party gift ideas when you don't know the gender of the future baby yet

sex reveal party gift ideas

- night lights and lamps for the child's room. You can choose a white one, cream or with the Nanan Puccio teddy bear. It will suit both a girl and a boy. For night lights and lamps click HERE

- molds and photos. And these gifts work equally well for both boys and girls. See baby art magic imprint kit, photo frame with 2D imprint kit, photo frame with molding. Click here

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- baby clothes. If you choose clothes, we recommend that they be in a general shade. White is the most suitable when you do not yet know the gender of the future baby. Here you can find newborn bodysuits made of organic cotton, blankets, blankets, towels.

organic cotton clothing set

- thermal, anti-colic toys. Many of these toys can be wonderful for both girls and boys and can be given as gifts at the Sex Reveal Party. Click here

- furniture items. For this reason, it is important to consult with the future parents because they may already have something in mind when they think about arranging the children's room. But, it can be a wonderful gesture on the part of grandparents, future godparents or close friends to give parents a cot, a changing table, a rocking chair, an elegant armchair for children, a special box for storing toys, a babynest, a sleeping bag. , I'm carrying a baby, etc.

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- a gift card . Because you still don't know if the future baby will be a girl or a boy and maybe you don't know exactly what things the future parents need, it's perfectly fine to give a gift card at the Sex reveal Party. They can vary in value, from 100 to 2000 lei.

- a maternity bag for the mother or a nursing pillow

In the baby's room, you will find a lot of gift ideas for the Sex Reveal Party. Just browse the pages of our online store.