Often, we forget to listen to our intuition. We ignore what should come naturally. And this is also valid when we bring a child into the world and we are faced with the fact of finding a perfect place to sleep.

5 reasons why babies (and parents) love cosleeping

Although today there are a lot of standard cribs for children, with the most beautiful and captivating styles, although future parents prepare the perfect room for the baby to be born some time in advance, many times incredible things can happen when we decide to we keep the baby as close as possible.

cosleeping with the baby

There are numerous debates regarding co-sleeping . While some are against it, others see the many strengths of this routine. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle. But, because in our offer we have a special category dedicated to co-sleeping cots, for parents who want to live this experience with their baby, today we see why babies love to sleep with their parents.

Why do babies (but also parents) love cosleeping?

  1. An amazingly good feeling

Co-sleeping offers some incredible memories that will always remain imprinted in a mother's heart. The way you see your little baby snuggled up to your chest, close to you, is amazing. The fact that he is a baby is the first thing you see when you open your eyes - his smile, his curiosity. The sound of his voice at 6 in the morning "dada, mom, dad". The unique moments of connection that you will experience together are absolutely priceless.

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  1. Baby and mommy feel safe

When the baby sleeps in the cosleeping cot next to the parents' bed, he feels safe. He does not wake up alone and lost. Also, the mother always feels wonderful because she knows that her baby is safe. She feels him close to her - she hears his breathing, sees him if he sleeps soundly or turns often from one side to the other, etc. Studies show that just by the fact that mother and baby share the same room, the risk of death in sleep or accidents is reduced by 50%!!!

Simply, the mother does not jump out of bed at 1 in the morning to check if her baby is safe. There are doctors who have studied this unique mother-baby connection in the case of co-sleeping and say that the two quickly end up sharing sleep cycles. This means that you will instinctively wake up a little before the baby to nurse him.

  1. Without plans and stress

The baby's cry is an alarm signal. It is supposed to be used in emergency situations. To signal that he is in danger or that he has an urgent need. But when the baby is close to the mother, he can use more subtle communication to satisfy his needs.

  1. Co-sleeping is fun

The game of hide-and-seek, a good-night song, giggles in the dark - all these and many others are fun for both the parents and the little child. That's why co-sleeping can be extremely fun.

  1. It is easier for the mother to breastfeed her baby

Cosleeping makes breastfeeding much easier during the night. When the baby is hungry, he and the mother only half wake up. He clings to his mother's breast and then they both fall asleep easily, and in the morning they will wake up very happy. Therefore, the mother does not have to get out of bed. He doesn't have to turn on the light or feel uncomfortable because he wakes up several times a night.

It seems that babies who sleep in a cosleeping crib next to their mother, consume on average twice as much breast milk as babies who sleep in standard cribs. Then, the nocturnal maternal nightshade contains twice as much growth hormone and more melatonin (a hormone necessary for the development of circadian rhythms). Quite simply, breastfeeding and co-sleeping go hand in hand. It is something so natural.

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Co-sleeping is great for you if you want to feel more connected with your baby and you don't care that you may be different.