If you are going to give birth in August or you already have a baby born in this month of the oven, you are definitely wondering how it will grow up and what its personality will be. Babies born in August have some features that make them very special. Here are what they are.

How are babies born in August?

1. They are happy

Curious, right? But, the statement has a statistical foundation. Several studies have shown that babies born in the summer months, such as August, have a lower risk of developing spiritual and emotional problems, such as depression. The reason why this happens is not fully understood, but some specialists believe that when they are in the mother's womb, babies receive enough vitamin D during the first months. Vitamin D (the sun) to which the mother is exposed in the last trimester of pregnancy positively influences the development of the baby's brain.

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2. Babies born in August are very organized

Virgo babies are ingenious, hardworking and practical. They have a captivating personality. They are oriented towards details, organization and functionality. They tend to be intelligent and reliable people. Your little one will grow up to be a responsible individual and the fact that he is a hard worker will help him achieve his goals.

3. Babies born in August have great confidence in their own strength

Depending on the date of birth, an August baby can be a Leo or a Virgo. Leo is strong, both physically and mentally. He is proud, faithful and brave. He has a strong will and likes to be the center of attention. If your baby is born in August, under the sign of Leo, you have nothing to worry about. He will be a reliable person, liked by everyone.

4. They have an incredible personality

They will show little self-control, but they will have a good soul. They will talk easily with those around them, and they will love them. Although they will love to be the center of attention, they will also be good listeners. One thing is certain: you have nothing to worry about your child's social skills.

5. Babies born in August are very good leaders

They will be confident, organized and practical, qualities that define a leader. You shouldn't be surprised if your baby ends up being a manager in a large organization or a leader for a cause. He has all the necessary qualities for this, especially thanks to his charisma and confidence.

6. They tend to prefer solitude

Although they easily stand out in the circles of friends, babies born in August tend to be introverted with personal and sensitive issues, to withdraw with themselves from time to time. Also, these babies, adults in the making, will not open up very easily to others, except when they feel very connected to a certain person.

7. They love to be treated like royalty

Babies born in August love to be treated with respect and sincerity. They like to be noticed when they enter a room and are quite proud of themselves.

8. They can be stubborn

There is a good chance that babies born in August will become stubborn children and adults. They believe that their opinions matter the most and, surprisingly, they often turn out to be right.

9. I am not easily impressed

Babies born in August are selective and have high standards. They are somewhat conservative with their affection and you have to make them feel special before they start responding emotionally. Because they have high standards, there are few who can become their close friends.

10. They are very motivated

Babies born in August have a very strong intrinsic motivation and can easily overcome difficult situations without losing their enthusiasm. They are energetic and have the power to motivate those around them, the characteristic that makes them perfect for the role of leaders.


These are the most common personality traits of children born in August. If you are going to give birth to a baby this month or if you already have a baby born in August, it will most likely have the above qualities. He will be confident in his strengths and a born leader. However, do not rely only on this information, but continue to raise your child as beautifully as before. We are confident that he will become a wonderful adult.

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When is baptism done during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic that broke out violently in the first part of 2020 has produced numerous changes on all levels, including regarding the baptism at church and the baptism party after the religious service. If initially the rules were extremely strict, then there was a certain relaxation for the participation in the religious service and the organization of the baptism.
All the above information regarding baptism planning remains valid during the coronavirus pandemic, with the mention that now, parents and godparents must pay special attention to the guest list, which cannot exceed a certain number, especially if the party takes place in - a closed space. That's why many parents quickly turned to organizing the baptism party in open spaces.
It is a period full of challenges for new parents who want to christen their child and who would like to share this joy with many friends and as many relatives as possible. But, through the special offers promoted, through the information we bring close to you, through the fast delivery services from stock or the plan-and-save offers, through the answers to the questions you ask us daily by phone and email, Annebebe wants to provide you with all the support, care and attention to details in the baptism planning. We invite you to browse all our products from the Baptism Articles category, where you will find everything you need to organize a special event, even in the conditions of the covid-19 pandemic.