Any moment is perfect to give gifts and bring a smile to the lips of your loved ones. Between 22.12.2012-10.01.2022 we come to your aid with the most generous offers of the season through the Winter Sale campaign, suggestions chosen with and out of love for the little ones in your life. Let's discover which are the articles through which you can surely surprise!

organic cotton clothes

Special offers during the Winter Sale


babynest winter sale discounts

For the complete comfort of the baby in its first months of life, you can use a babynest made of soft and pleasant materials, which will ensure complete comfort.

The Babynest will be an excellent piece of decoration, thanks to the delicate concept, designed with increased attention to details, and the child will have a comfortable position when resting during the day. In addition, it is easy to transport and you can personalize it with the baby's name. Discover all available models here .


winter sale baby room

What gift can be more beautiful for a child than a doll? These remind us of our childhood, and with the same happiness we can also infect our little ones, regardless of their age. In the special promotion, you will find various models of babies provided with all the necessary accessories, but also reborn babies that perfectly imitate the face and appearance of real babies. They can be an ideal choice not only for children full of personality who know exactly what they want, but also in the therapy of people who have suffered a trauma from this point of view. See all models here .

Nines & Marina & Gucca dolls

One of the dolls from the 3 popular Nines, Marina and Gucca collections cannot be missing from the shopping list, which will surprise with their cute and realistic design. The dolls are based on a unique concept, the dolls are meant to stimulate children's senses and are made of pleasant, non-toxic materials, adapted according to EU standards. Here you will find many dolls that the little one will fall in love with from the first contact. But here are some useful details about each individual collection.


In the Nines collection you will find scented dolls and babies that will turn play into a real sensory experience for the little ones. The dolls are accompanied by various accessories and cute clothes that will encourage the little ones to play, giving them the opportunity to get to know the world in detail, with small, but still big, steps in their development. At the same time, the clothes are removable and the child can try on several outfits, to his liking. See the whole collection here .


baby room girl dolls

Gucca redefines the world of dolls with a series of reborn doll models. Reborn dolls are very famous due to their realistic appearance, which is why some specialists recommend them, including to women who have suffered the loss of a child, for therapeutic purposes, to help them get through the difficult period more easily. Of course, these have become more and more desired even by children, being a perfect option to give them a special gift. Analyze the models available here .


And last but not least, the Marina dolls are a guaranteed piece of resistance for any girl's collection and more. The collection is divided into reborn dolls and dolls with princess outfits, which are joined by baby models such as Alina Port Bebe or Pink Baby 40 cm. They come bundled with both the clothes from the equipment shown along the presentation pictures, and the body is made of vinyl, a safe and pleasant to the touch material. You will find the entire collection here , one click away, with delivery directly to your home.

Christening gifts

christening gifts for the baby room

Is a baptism announced in the family or are you invited to be the spiritual parent of a life that will soon pass into our world in the following year? Here, with the help of the christening gift collection, you will be able to prepare your gift list like a true professional. We recommend the silver boxes or trainlets for cutting the motto or the first tooth, but photo frames or those with fingerprints, silver bracelets or pacifiers, or guest books can also be an excellent option. You can give them all in a sophisticated package, and for that we have prepared numerous models of gift bags.


The Condor collection brings to the fore a series of festive and cute socks for little girls, dresses or hats, some with a series of delicate details through which you will be able to turn your child into a real story character on any occasion . These accessories can be used at parties, photo sessions, but also everyday, to capture the special personality of children. Discover Condor's suggestions here .


baby baskets

Do you want a bassinet to provide all the care your baby needs when he sleeps? Or do you want to give one to new parents? You will certainly not make a mistake with such a choice, and your decision will attract many compliments. Whether you want a simple ecological sleeping basket lined with premium quality foam, to contribute to a quiet and carefree sleep, or whether you are looking for accessories for it (mattress, support, cover), you can find all the options here . regardless of the gender of the child.


For special children and parents or acquaintances who are not satisfied with a little when it comes to choosing a practical and premium quality gift at the same time, Guess items will combine the useful with the pleasant. Here you can find ideal sets and outfits from the first day of the child's life, but also numerous suggestions of sweaters, jeans, jackets, for children up to 7 years old.


thermal toys discounts winter sale

If you haven't found the ideal toys for children and babies, you still have another chance through which you will definitely discover at least one toy that will attract your attention. For example, for babies, a very good option can be the crib carousel with animated plush figures or the activity blanket, night lights, velvet bears for newborns (and not only) or musical toys. And these are just some of the options that you can additionally find here .

Linens and duvets

bed sheets baby discounts

No parent will have too many linens or quilts for the little one's crib, which can turn into a perfect gift idea for any family. With a set of bedding for the crib you can easily compliment the child's rest, but also take care of his main needs. All the more so when you can easily find cot sets made of soft materials, waterproof covers that will protect the mattress in the long term or fine cotton bed linens that will prevent irritation or sweating. Baby linens are available here and you can combine them with cosleeping or classic cots.


We have also prepared offers of proportions for the favorite brand of parents everywhere - Mayoral. Here you can find the cutest dresses, jackets, sweaters, pants, shoes, bodysuits and overalls, for the age group 0-9 years. They conquer any child with the comfort they offer, being based exclusively on the best quality materials. And the footwear is not inferior either, all the pieces carefully refer to the fashion trends.


discount furniture packages for the baby's room

Nanan brings happiness to the hearts of parents and babies, offering various suggestions for gifts and items for decorating the baby's room. For example, you can choose the Nanan bears that will perfectly complement the pieces of furniture made of delicate finishes. At the same time, carousel playsets, photo frames, fluffy bath towels, swings and rocking chairs can also be an ideal investment. All of them are provided with cute teddy bears that transform the baby's world into a story universe. See right now all the options of Nanan accessories available in the Winter Sale.


The animals successfully reflect the innocence of children. And, what's more, they can turn into a real friend for your little one. Except that, in the Warmies collection, you won't find just simple bears in the guise of your favorite animals. They are filled with lavender and millet which help alleviate the discomfort caused by colic, offering a soothing effect against pain. They are heated in the microwave oven, and then placed directly in the child's arms. The beneficial effects will be felt in a short time, without having to resort to other methods that may present risks regarding the health of the little one. See all thermal animals available here .

Cosleeping cots

discount baby mattresses

Winter sale can also be the ideal time to equip the house with all the necessary pieces of furniture, especially to orient yourself towards the best cot with baby cot, which is so essential. As a result, you can choose coleeping cots from Nanan, Erbesi or Puccio, which can be associated with the adult bed, contributing to the creation of a unique bond between parents and children. They are made of premium wood and are also available in kit versions, along with a comfortable anti-reflux mattress and cotton linen. Other options can be folding cots or pram-type ones. Check the available promotions .

Normal cots

winter sale baby cots

Normal cribs should not be omitted either. Especially since models with sliding sides can be successfully transformed into pieces of furniture that children will be able to use when they grow up. We have prepared a series of normal cots with a special and elegant design, made of solid wood or beech wood, of Italian origin, which will transform the child's room into an aesthetically harmonious space, and in a place quiet, where the little ones will rest with pleasure.

baby room children's clothes

Regardless of the age of the child or the occasion for which you will choose to use the offers we have prepared for you, we are firmly convinced that you will not make a mistake. It is the perfect opportunity to fulfill even the most demanding wishes, but also to show your love for the little ones.