How is the life of babies and new parents during the pandemic?

For many mothers, the pandemic was a real source of "inspiration". The birth rate during the pandemic has reached high levels, as it has never been before, surpassing the percentage targeted during the last year. But only now does the real challenge begin, with the birth and bringing into the world of the much-loved and awaited soul.

And for families who planned the conception of a child before the pandemic, more precisely, in the case of women who gave birth in the first decade of the onset of Covid 19, things took an unexpected turn.

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How are babies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

The joy of birth took the place of the fear of getting sick from a medically unknown virus. The need or obligation to be separated from the child appeared, starting with the moment of bringing him into the world and later, when he was locked up in homes for endless periods of time, in order to protect the life of the whole family. Moreover, mothers with a truly flourishing career had to become unemployed. Others found themselves without jobs.

Current moms-to-be are more and more scared about how everything will go on, about the evolution of the disease and about the destiny that the family will have, how the pandemic will affect the growth and development of the baby, its health, the well-being of the family. And the situation in the hospitals is not rosy at all, especially since the doctors have also reached the end of their patience, being assigned from one hospital to another, from one department to another, so it is not excluded that the moment of birth will encounter a series of unexpected events.

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It is important that the baby constantly benefits from the attention of a doctor and the necessary/mandatory medical consultations for his health, in the first year of life. But this also comes with countless fears on the part of mothers, because hospitals are also in a more delicate situation than ever, being the main vector of transmission of diseases that can endanger the integrity and health of children.

We encourage you on this path not to beat yourself up! You, mothers, are real heroes! You have done and will do more things in life than you ever thought you would be able to do. Start with ambition and hope in this new period of life.

And for your peace of mind, we offer you valuable information about the possible life that awaits you in the future, in the hope that they will help you overcome these difficult moments more easily.

The life of a baby in the midst of a pandemic and how babies are born and grow in 2020

If until now the spontaneous arrival of the child into the world was not a novelty and nothing to fear, in the pandemic, mothers can no longer afford this "luxury". Babies come into the world in an atypical context, as the whole of humanity has never experienced before. The number of illnesses is on the rise. And only tomorrow or the day after we will not be locked in our houses again, forced to sign for any step outside. So the birth of the baby in the midst of a pandemic is done in a dedicated, delicate and meticulously planned context.

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Mothers are forced to stay in isolation for at least 24 hours before the birth, during which they will be tested for Covid. So practically, the change starts with the admission of mothers to the hospital much earlier. If everything goes well and there are no complications, mothers can rest easy. Otherwise, it is necessary for the mothers to be transported to special centers, other than those where they scheduled the birth of the child. Thus, we could say that the birth of the child in these conditions is a real surprise, like in an action movie where the story can take an unexpected turn.

Both in the pre- and post-natal period, we guide mothers to have a close relationship with the doctor who takes care of their pregnancy and not only that. Babies will be more cared for than ever!

Specialists and UNICEF recommend that mothers respect the rules of distancing and take all protective measures. And at the first symptom of a similar illness to COVID 19, self-isolate and contact the medical staff immediately.

There are no firm studies that prove that the virus can be transmitted from a mother to a child during pregnancy, but an infected mother should have extremely rigorous hygiene after giving birth and, of course, not to stop breastfeeding the child.

It is possible that the child will not be allowed to know his mother in the first moments or will have to be separated from her for a good period of time.

Babies have always been extremely sensitive, and studies show that most are often asymptomatic. Specialized and periodic medical consultations are recommended, as well as the notification of a medical professional in case of symptoms.

Some studies say that babies can sense their parents' moods and refuse food. And mothers will certainly be more stressed and anxious than ever regarding how the baby will grow and how the first year of their life will go. Calling psychologists and support groups for mothers can be beneficial for moral support and the removal of anxiety and depression.

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The babies will meet their fathers a little later, but they will be welcomed into the family with the same enthusiasm. Most likely, it will take even longer until they meet their grandparents, aunts, parents' friends and even godparents, because any family is worried that a sick person could have contact with them and put their life in danger. Or vice versa.

If previously some mothers planned to quickly return to work, the babies of 2020 will have more time to enjoy their mother. This is because even nannies are no longer a solution, being risk personalities.

One of the most important changes that babies go through at the present time is related to how the first important event in their life will proceed - baptism.

Many parents were or are forced to postpone the baptism, either for financial reasons or for sanitary, medical, organizational reasons, etc. This whole situation could last until the year or who knows?!

Many of the babies are not/will not be baptized according to tradition, after a month. This turns a lot of things upside down, especially in the lives of superstitious parents, who will have to stop taking their children out of the house, even for a walk in the open air, in the park. This consideration applies both from the point of view of their safety, but also because religion can have a special meaning. Therefore, the babies will have to wait for their first contact with nature, with the walkways, which means that they will have the exclusive attention of their mother and father, but also of the toys that they will receive as a gift, most likely from their parents .

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The pandemic turned everyone's life upside down.

When will things return to normal?

No one can say for sure.

However, AnneBebe and will be with you from now on, with the same dedication, transparency and passion, as until now.

The current crisis has also affected us, the business environment. But we guarantee you that we will continue to make every effort, so that you will not miss any detail at the birth of the baby, whether you want to decorate your child's room through us or use the christening kits intended for the little ones.

We comply with the safety rules imposed with rigorous hygiene and adequate protection methods, so we look forward to seeing you in our stores, to get to know us and to discover our creations with your own eyes. And if you don't have this possibility, we will come to you! The online store is at your disposal 24/7, as are our colleagues, who work hard like bees and will respond promptly to all requests by phone or email.