Find out what interests you about the anti-COVID-19 vaccine for babies and children

After the year 2020 hit us hard and determined us to give up the normal life until then, the natural course in stopping the COVID-19 pandemic is to identify a solution that could give us back everything we had until the moment it started the chaos of COVID and everything we lost because of it.

Christening parties with hundreds of people, warm hugs and big smiles, the possibility to take our children to the park and let them play with each other without fear that this could make them sick, kindergarten and normal school with sitting on benches next to each other and contact games in recreation, the freedom to take your child to a play, to dance classes, to socialization camps together with those of his age - here is just a very small introduction from a bushy book in which we could relate everything that COVID-19 has taken from our lives.

the anticovid vaccine for children

About 1 year after the start of the Corona pandemic, hope is starting to dawn more and more, in the form of a vaccine. Although they did not delay in expressing opinions against the COVID-19 vaccinations, we need more than ever a helping hand, something to protect us and to prevent death from taking from us too soon those whom we love

As a parent, it is your responsibility and it is normal to want to inform yourself and find the answer to all the questions you have regarding the COVID-19 vaccination for children and babies. How safe is the vaccine? From what age can it be done? At what stage are the research and solutions to defeat the Corona virus now?

In this article, I have found some information that can be useful to you because we know that you want what is best for your child.

Phizer and Moderna: Anti-covid-19 vaccine with over 94% effectiveness

On December 11, 2020, the authorities approved the first vaccine against COVID-19, to be used in emergency situations. The vaccine, created by Phizer, proved to be 95% effective in large-scale clinical trials.
A few days later, a second vaccine was approved to combat covid-10. It was developed by Moderna and has an effectiveness of 94.1%.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe for children and babies?

anti-covid-19 vaccination

To date, no significant issues have been reported regarding the safety of the Phizer or Moderna vaccines against COVID-19. According to several sources, at this moment, several countries are testing and trying to develop an antidote in the form of a vaccine for the virus that brought the Planet to its knees: COVID-19. Several drug manufacturers have begun research to identify a suitable, effective and safe vaccine for younger children.

The side effects of the anti-covid-19 vaccine - a main concern for parents

It is important for parents to understand the probability and manifestation of side effects of the vaccine, because both adults and children will need both doses of the vaccine for the immunization effect to be optimal.

Because the little ones have a stronger immune system compared to adults, they can develop more visible temporary reactions following the anti-covid vaccination. This could mean more pain and swelling at the injection site for a few days. Another side effect could be fever.

But, these adverse reactions are common in the case of vaccines. They are clear proof that the immune system reacts as it should. For parents, these reactions can be quite scary.

On December 9, 2020, after two adults with anaphylaxis experiences had severe reactions following the COVID-19 vaccination, in Great Britain, Health officials warned about this to those with a history of anaphylaxis.

For what age is Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine recommended?

For those aged 16 and over. But, it is important to remember that young people, children and babies do not normally present an increased risk of developing severe reactions following infection with the COVID-19 virus. For this reason, even teenagers aged 16 and over will be in the final group that will receive the anti-covid vaccine.

What is known about anti-covid vaccination for babies and children up to 15 years old?

covid-19 baby vaccine

As the anti-covid vaccination expands more and more, many parents are wondering when it will be possible to vaccinate to protect babies and children up to 15 years old. According to public data, it seems that a final pediatric anti-covid vaccine will be available by the end of 2021.

Although children are not in the group with a high risk of infection with COVID-19, specialists in infectious diseases from all over the world emphasize that they can spread the virus to those around them. That is why a possible anticovid vaccine for babies and children is critical in the near future.

What is the reason why the anti-covid-19 vaccine for children and babies is not administered at the same time as the vaccination schedule for adults?

The explanation is simple. The immune system of children and babies is very different from that of adults, and their immune responses can be different depending on age - from childhood to adolescence. Therefore, the research on the COVID-19 vaccine for those over 16 years old must be repeated for babies and children up to 15 years old.

Phizer and Moderna have already started new studies on the anti-covid vaccine, including for children from 12 years old. If the results are good, the vaccine will have to pass a series of tests and approvals before it becomes available. In addition, it will take several months for its production and distribution. Considering that research and testing for very young ages will be done at the end, the whole process may take a little longer.

Practically, how does the Pfizer or Moderna anti-covid vaccine work?

Both types of vaccines are based on the same technology. They involve the injection of a genetic molecule called mRNA, which causes the cells in the body to create a viral protein (called a "spike"). This triggers the desired immune response. Therefore, one does not operate with a live virus, but practically the mRNA molecule has the role of a messenger to communicate to the body how to create an immune response. After that, it is quickly distributed in the body and disappears.

The anti-covid vaccine is developed on a completely new technology. Because of the mRNA component, which breaks down very easily, it is critical that the vaccine be kept cold. That's why the Phizer vaccine is kept in very cold freezers, at minus 80 degrees. Instead, the Moderna vaccine can be kept at a cold temperature in an ordinary refrigerator.

How is a vaccine approved for children?

According to a 2015 study on clinical research in children, data on the safety and effectiveness of many medicines administered to children and babies are incredibly scarce. Some reasons that justify the lack of data are the uniqueness of children, ethical concerns and insufficient finances.

Children and babies are vulnerable and must be protected. They cannot make decisions for themselves, which is why an aclinical process involving them cannot be rushed.

Can you get vaccinated against covid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, you will be able to decide whether to get vaccinated or not. However, as a mother-to-be, you should know that anti-covid vaccines are currently available for those who work in the health field. It will take some time until the vaccine is available to everyone. Now, the two approved vaccines exist in limited quantities.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe for expectant mothers or breastfeeding women?
According to studies, vaccines are usually not proven to be well tolerated by pregnant or lactating women. That is why, from the beginning, these women were excluded from the studies regarding the COVID-19 vaccine from Phizer and Moderna. Next, pregnant women are not on the list of priorities in the research of the companies developing the first antidote-vaccine formulas against COVID-19. Therefore, there is no concrete data to prove the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant women or nursing mothers.

What should you know as a parent about the COVID-19 vaccine?

Although it will be a long time before babies and children can be vaccinated against COVID-19, they can indirectly benefit from the effects of the vaccine, as happens with newborns who are vaccinated against flu, measles, etc. If everyone around is vaccinated, they will be partially isolated from viruses and, therefore, the risk of coming into contact with them is significantly lower.

Why is vaccination important?

Ensuring that infants and children are included in the vaccination scheme to stop COVID-19 will be essential for controlling the spread of the virus. A recent study reported that delaying clinical research on children will delay our recovery, affect our children's education, health and emotional well-being. The authors of the study suggested that clinical research for a possible vaccine for young children should begin immediately.

Vaccinating children will be essential to stop the spread of COVID-19, but first it is important for vaccine manufacturers to ensure that they are safe and effective for children and babies. Young children and babies should not be vaccinated before there are clear studies on older children.

What beautiful things do we get through vaccination or "What does the anti-covid vaccine contain?"

For a few days, a post has gone viral on social media that describes directly, clearly, emotionally and clearly what the anti-covid vaccine actually contains. The post was also distributed by the Ministry of Health.

Here is what Sebastian Trenka, a dog trainer from Timisoara, says about what the anti-covid-19 vaccine will bring back to our lives.

"What does the vaccine contain? 🤷‍♀️
Kisses and hugs forgotten. School trips. Grandparents at the festive holiday table. A good movie at the cinema with popcorn and a large Pepsi. An evening at the theater with a full house. Concerts with thousands of spectators. A dinner at a restaurant with friends. A weekend getaway somewhere by plane, decided overnight. The house party where everyone brings their own tray of homemade snacks. Sports competitions. Handshakes when you meet someone. Peaceful dreams and open borders. Teachers walking through the rows of benches. Last minute departures and the crowd at the station. The freedom to stay at home when YOU want..."

Indeed, we want to believe that the anti-covid-19 vaccine will be able to give us back our normal life, as we knew it before the Corona madness. Because you are a parent, this hope rises to the second power, because you want your child to have a beautiful and active life, with unlimited travel, playing with other children, with the possibility of going to kindergarten and school to develop harmoniously, with parties with many guests, hugs without fear, frequent visits to grandparents.

Remember: Although the COVID-19 vaccine will play an important role in stopping the COVID-19 pandemic, it will not completely eliminate the virus. In the near future, we should continue to wear a mask, respect social distancing and take care of the hygiene of our hands to avoid infection.