Why order Anne Bebe christening kits?

Beyond the event, the church where the baby's baptism will take place, the choice of the priest or the place where the party after the baptism will take place, the specific elements have a special meaning. Establishing a baptism theme can be an ideal choice to facilitate the preparations and to obtain a fully story-like setting. Moreover, the choice of the menu, the clothes and the christening kit are not inferior either.

In fact, the christening kit represents one of the most important choices, being a sign of the love and attention that the godparents give to the little one in the most important moment of his life. Choosing a special christening suit can easily complement the theme of the event, but also fully impress with its details.

personalized baby kits

That's why we recommend the godparents to carefully choose the christening kit , so as to impress the parents and the participants of the event, but above all, to give the little one a special gift that fully represents him. Years and years from now, when the child will look at the pictures immortalized at this event or when he will receive the articles from it as a gift, he will admire them with love and will be enveloped by the love and attention that his spiritual parents gave him on throughout life.

And of course, if you are also going to be a godfather and if you are looking for a special christening kit, you will surely wonder how the christening kits from Anne Bebe and Camera Bebelusului differ from those belonging to other brands on the market. market. In the following we will reveal all these details through which you can easily distinguish the two types of kits, so that you can make the best choice.

Anne Bebe Christening Suits vs Baptism Suits of other brands on the market

The quality of the materials

While some kit manufacturers choose the raw material at random or from the most accessible stocks, Anne Bebe baptism kits are oriented above all on quality. This places them in the first places of popularity, dozens of dads and parents certifying this aspect from the first contact with our products. We know that every child is special and that their skin is delicate. So we consider that it deserves a special selection of pleasant and skin-friendly materials, especially in such a special moment dedicated entirely to the child.

Attention to details

Special attention is paid to the creation of the christening kits available in the standard versions on our website, both for boys and girls, but also for the personalized ones, made according to the customer's specifications and/or the theme of the christening. Each kit is treated with the same attention it deserves, so that the details will be fine, the seams impeccable, and the final result is also packaged in a delicate way so that it conquers from the first contact.

Availability and execution of kits to order

People who want one of the kits available with us can customize them completely, depending on the desired color and model/suitable to the baptism theme. Thus, the christening kits can be completely customized as the godparents imagined, with the name of the little one or other favorite details that will turn the kit into a unique choice.

Customizing the kits has a symbolic cost, and the products ordered online are shipped in a maximum of 3 days, depending on the period and the complexity of the model. Of course, all information will be discussed in advance and you will receive free advice and all transparent answers to your questions.

Professionalism and national recognition

Given the implications and the attention given to each individual kit, we have a large number of clients who have given us the satisfaction of being among the most famous creative workshops. The satisfaction that each client gives is the most important proof of professionalism.

The number of pieces in a kit

If in other places you will only find individual parts or kits in sets with simple products/in a small number, Anne Bebe will help you save time and money by choosing a unitary set that includes all the parts that describe a complete baby kit , with the possibility to customize numerous elements such as the myrrh cloth, the bottle, the baby's towel and the priest's towel.

Therefore, in the Anne Bebe creative workshops and at the Baby Room, we put soul into each creation, experiencing the emotion that these christening kits offer step by step and transforming it into the most valuable gift for future Christians.

We thank you for all the trust you have given us so far, and if you are future customers, we look forward to meeting you and turning your wishes into reality.